All You Need Is Kill

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All You Need Is Kill
Part of All You Need Is Love, For Your Eyes Only
Result The team was able to successfully track down Genji "Fatty" Yamamoto aka Chen Lin Fat, a Chinese-Japanese Shotozumi turncoat, now working for the Triads; and stealthily assassinate him, without leaving any evidence that leads back to the Shotozumi. Sojiro was able to restore honor to his family's name after the shame his sister caused, without staring a war with the Eighty Eights.
Factions Involved
Hunter (Played By Voodoo Templar)
Eighty-Eights Triad
Genji "Fatty" Yamamoto
Commanders and leaders
Sojito Sato
Units involved
7 Triad thugs
1 Triad sniper
10 Triad thugs
Casualties and losses
7 Yakuza thugs
1 Triad sniper
Genji "Fatty" Yamamoto
Soup chef of The Orchid


As a result of All You Need Is Love the Shotozumi Gumi lost face within the Yakuza and among other rival syndicates. Infuriated Sojiro Sato diverted his attention to bring back respect through means of fear among his enemies. Sojiro hired a team of runners to take out Genji "Fatty" Yamamoto a turncoat Chinese-Japanese "half breed" that had abandoned the Shotozumi and joined the Eighty Eight traids and had gone into hiding. The job was to be done in a way the Shotozumi are not to be implicated, thus preventing a full scale syndicate war, but a message needed to be sent.


The meet took place in a Yakuza club, Venom in downtown Seattle. The Johnson was Sojiro Sato. But the runners weren't able to identify him.


The team uncovered information that the Eighty Eights were a new triad group from Singapore consisting of augmented thugs. They were running and illegal used cyberware clinic in a shipping crate, in the Tacoma harbor. They had paid off the police. The runners chose to engage the guards guarding the cyberware shop with violence. Tag almost died from the shot of a hidden sniper but in the end the runners prevailed. They extracted info about the target from the street doc. Fatty was going to get some cyberware at a better clinic in Renton and the next day he was to attend a private lunch on the floating fine dining restaurant "The Orchid". The runners chose to use caution and social infiltration this time, getting on board the restaurant. They found that Fatty is deathly allergic to shrimp. Tag mind magic'd the chef into putting shrimp paste in Fatty's soup thus causing death by anaphylactic shock, before he could be taken to the hospital. The triads shot the chef dead, while the runners hid out in a bathroom, after which they escaped. Sojiro kept his end of the bargain and paid the runners


Sojiro was able to restore honor to his family's name after the shame his sister caused, without staring a war with the Eighty Eights. However the incident at The Orchid was on the news


20000 nuyen, 2 karma

Player Characters


I still say my plan of hitting Fatty with a sniper round from another boat was a better idea, but we can't get everything we want. Oh yeah, the Run? I did all the hard work fighting, loaned everyone gear, and did a sick-as monowhip jump attack off a building. The plan with the Shellfish was pretty smart, though. I'll admit that.



"The bit at the docks? Humbling to say the least. I don't remember most of what went on, lucky for me, the team I was with scraped me up and bullied some nearby doc into getting me breathing again." "I got back at them though, at that silly boat restaurant. See that local doc led us to some valuable information, apparently Fatty had a very severe allergy to some kind of shellfish I think it was?" "Well anyway, I convinced the chef that it would be a wonderful idea to send him up some complimentary chef's specialty soup, extra heavy on the shellfish paste." "Then I made the team puke from a well placed illusion as we hid out while they cleared his body, haha, good times."