All You Need Is Love

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All You Need Is Love
Part of All You Need Is Kill, For Your Eyes Only
Result The team was able to successfully recover Maggie from his abusive family's grasp and help her and her lover Jackie escape to Hong Kong, without having to kill Maggie's brother.
Factions Involved
Sojiro Sato
Commanders and leaders
Jackie Ma
Sakura "Maggie" Sato
Units involved
12 Yakuza Thugs
1 Yakuza heavy Gorilla Moto
1 Yakuza adept swordsman
Casualties and losses
12 Yakuza Thugs
Gorilla Moto
1 Yakuza adept swordsman


Jackie Ma, a washed up former director of direct to trideo movies, resorted to working for the Yakuza and making simsense. He met with the daughter of one of the Shotozumi bosses, Sakura "Maggie" Sato and they fell in love. Unable to marry due to ethnic barriers, Jackie stole a lot of money from Maggie's dad's business and went into hiding with Maggie. Maggie's brother, Sojiro (Who is a sniper adept and the only awakened in the family) has been relentlessly pursuing them, in an effort to kill Jackie and take back his sister, by force. Jackie seeing no way out, hired the runners to escort him and his fiance to Tacoma docks where they would quietly leave to Hong Kong and settle down with new identities, away from the grasp of the Yakuza.


The meet was with a scared and paranoid Jackie at Betty Chan's breakfast and teahouse, in Touristville. There the team was ambused by Gorilla Moto, a Yakuza bladesman and some Yak thugs, in an effort to kill Jackie. But the team killed the attackers in the ensuing firefight.


The team traveled with Jackie to Renton, where they were hiding, only to find Jackie's secret apartment vandalized and Maggie taken away. The team then used a mix of social and physical infiltration to get into the skyscraper penthouse of Sojiro, in downtown. Scales seduced and distracted the guards while. The others tactically took Maggie away to safety, Kilbo and the others later finished off the distracted guards. The team received an offer from Sojiro for double payment, which they refused. Scaled brokered a deal with Maggie and Sojiro's father to call off the hunt, in exchange for no further violence. Thus, preventing a final sniper encounter with Sojiro at the Tacoma docks. The couple successfully boarded their boat and sailed off to Hong Kong.


Sojiro survived the rin, however, the Shotozumi Gumi lost face within the Yakuza and among other rival syndicates. Infuriated Sojiro Sato diverted his attention to bring back respect through means of fear among his enemies, thus starting the run All You Need Is Kill. The shootout at Betty Chan's teahouse was on the news and was labelled as Syndicate violence.


10000 nuyen, 8 karma

Player Characters


WFTP 10000 to 5 karma



WFTM 2 karma to 4000 nuyen

Captain Freefall

WFTP 10000 to 5 karma