For Your Eyes Only

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For Your Eyes Only
Part of All You Need Is Love, All You Need Is Kill
Result The team was able to successfully deliver the "peace" gift from the 88s Triads to the Shotozumi gumi without causing any casualty.
Factions Involved
Sojiro Sato
Commanders and leaders
Eighty-Eights Triad
Units involved
8 Yakuza thugs


As a result of All You Need Is Kill the assassination of "Fatty", death of a couple of 88s guards and thrashing of the cyber clinic. The 88s were furious. Not wanting a war, the 88s leadership hired a runners to quietly slip in a peace package into Sojiro's office at Club Equilibrium, Downtown. One secret high ranking member off the 88s however was furious and wanted the war as an excuse to avenge Fatty. They secretly replaced the peace offering (gold bars and expensive vintage wine) with the severed head of Maggie, Sojiro's sister, who had eloped with a Chinese guy to Hong Kong in All You Need Is Love. The warmongers within 88s secretly tracked down the couple, killed them and put Maggie's severed head in the box.


The meet took place at the 88s illegal cyber clinic grounds in Tacoma docks, inside a large shipping compartment.


The team used the public host of Club Equilibrium to disable security and then using less than lethal tactics, managed to leave the box in Sojiro's office, during the day, when he was away. Some guards were knocked unconscious, but no one died.


Despite the good intentions of some of the older and wiser leaders of the 88s, the rash actions of the younger generation has now sent shockwaves into the lower leadership of the Shotozumi gumi. Despite being disowned and exiled, the brutal death of Maggie, an innocent girl and caused Sojiro and his father to declare war against the 88s. How the top leadership of the Shotozumi and their MCT backers will react to this is yet to be known. Same for other triads and Yak gumis.


20000 nuyen, 3 karma. +4 rep with 88s Traids

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