This Harbor is Yours

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This Harbor is Yours
LocationPuget Sound
Factions Involved
Hot Mess
Eighty-Eights Triad


Rush extraction job: The team must retrieve a kidnapped gumshoe being transported to Amazonia on an 88s ship off the Puget Sound.


The runners's respective fixers hit them up around midday: A newcomer on the scene is stomping up and down Bellevue and pulling strings, looking for a competent team of runners on a very short notice. The message is concise; Be at a location off the I-99 in Bellevue ASAP if you want to make good money.

The Meet

The Johnson's a pixie, and one in a hurry. This is an extraction job. The runners get to asking for details, and this is what they learn: The Eighty-Eights Triad have a boat currently rolling down the Puget Sound that's carrying a prisoner- A private investigator that got tangled up in some nasty business while trying to dig up the latest scoop. Get to the boat before it gets out of range and extract the hostage by any means necessary. Reward's a hot 20.000 nuyen. LazorGrrl negotiated for an increase in pay here. The Johnson agreed, but the exact increase was undisclosed.

The Plan

As the window of time for a succesful extraction was extremely small, planning had to be kept minimal. The decided course of action was to first have technomancer Sparrow poke around through the Ship's matrix connection, tangling with ICE and a triad spider in the process of shutting down its engines. In the meantime, the rest of the group would do a full assault on the ship with an Aztechnology Nightrunner borrowed from one of LazorGrrl's contacts: An ex-Firewatch supplier.

Once on the ship, the field team would flatten any opposition, extract the target at all costs, and get away fast as to avoid engagement with any HTR.

The Run

The run went about as planned: Sparrow tackled the Ship's cybersecurity succesfully and opened up the opportunity for the field team to lay down fire without having to worry about any automated defenses. Out by the boat, Ikari had a spirit of water lift the team on-board and Pack sent two spirits of beast downrange to find triads to munch on, Hot Mess stayed behind to lay down sniper fire. The rest of the team spread out and made quick work of the opposition. While LazorGrrl literally shrugged off automatic fire like she was made of steel (Which, to be fair, she is), Squid took some hefty stun damage during a shootout with two triad enforcers near the helm. With almost a dozen triad out of commission, the team was free to ransack the ship and finish the job.


Having searched out the ship, the team found the target and extracted her safely back to the mainland. Here, LazorGrrl's negotiated payraise was resolved: Another 5.000 nuyen on every runner. Upon being asked, the PI revealed that she got caught up in some rival espionage business and had stumbled upon a paper trail that could've seriously compromised the Eighty-Eights' revenue stream. The evidence is gone now, but at least the PI's lived to tell about it.


  • 2 CDP
  • 25.000 Nuyen
  • 3 Karma
  • -2 Relations with the Eighty-Eights Triad

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Not gonna lie, got dinked up a bit back there. My specialization is motorcycles, so why was I put on a fraggin' boat? 'Nyway, it was a fair enough shootout. I got to tussle with two triad geeks at once, and I lived to tell about it while they din't, so I can't complain.


I didn't get to shoot anyone because someone kept kill-stealing! Ugh. At least I got to pull my juggernaut routine before he got sniped.


The Eighty-Eights are no MCT or Ares, but blasting them to bits with a cute kami at my side is still very fun. I feel a little bad about LazorGrrl being so hard-nosed about the pay and whatnot, but it's the... cost? of doing business around here, looks like. Not all that much mutual respect regarding pay etcetera among mercenaries, call me shocked.