The Second Great (Fish) Extraction

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The Second Great (Fish) Extraction
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Eighty-Eights Triad
Lil' Boomer


A Triad informant in the Yakuza has tipped David Yang off to a fish heist that should've started... about two minutes ago. The Eighty-Eights Triad would like to have these very rare and high-value awakened eels instead.


The Yakuza hired another Haven team to steal the fish initially. See The Great (Fish) Extraction.

The Meet

David Yang calls Vip3r personally to request that she provide Matrix overwatch on this run. The other runners are contacted by their fixers, and given an invitation to a Matrix host in which the meet takes place. He offers the runners 24,000¥ a head to retrieve the goods--a tank full of awakened gulper eels--from the Yakuza-owned warehouse where the first team is dropping them off.

The Run

The team is provided transportation to the warehouse. On the way there, Lil' Boomer asks Vip3r if she "frags toasters," and she's (predictably) confused and mortified until she runs a quick search on the phrase and discovers that "toaster fragger" is some kind of weird slang for technomancers. She calmly explains that no, she does not frag toasters, and that that's a super invasive thing to ask someone--but yes, she is a technomancer.

The team arrives at the warehouse, and they scope it out in order to determine the best method of infiltration. Vip3r enters the warehouse's host, which is styled like... well, a warehouse, but discovers a nested host within for the security systems. This nested host looks like a classical Japanese dojo inside, with security devices represented by swords and armor. She gains control of the alarms and cameras to reveal only two guards inside keeping watch over the eel tank. They are attended by two aquatic specialists.

The plan seems to be "get in, get the eels, get out." Lil' Boomer takes out two of his grenades and gives them to Zenith, who sneaks up to one of the guards (who has gone outside) and slips one of them into his pocket. Lil' Boomer invites Vip3r to take a mark on the grenade, and when the guard goes back inside, Zenith and Tahki give the all-clear for her to detonate it. Tahki finishes the job, casting a comet toward the guards, and taking one of the eel specialists with them as collateral.


Vip3r opens the warehouse freight door, and has the driver back the van up into the warehouse. Lil' Boomer summons a spirit of earth, materialized from pieces of warehouse floor, to lift the tank into the back of the van so that it can be transported back to the Triad.


24k nuyen a head, 2 karma, 2 CDP.

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


It's nice to be back in Seattle, and nice to be working with Yang again, but... is it just me, or has his standard for professionalism gone WAY down? What's up with this LB guy? Super weird, but somehow I don't hate him.
Overall, though? A pretty smooth job, and the pay wasn't bad either. This was a good team, and I'd be willing to work with them again.


"That guy LB is a nutcase; I absolutely adore him, and so does Chaos... Definitely hope we run into him again. Zenith was a bit of a tightwad, being all professional and shit; but he was a professional and made a hell of a difference on the run. And of course Viper, not sure how she did it without any cybergear or a deck, but she definitely pulled her weight on the matrix. And all this over a couple of fish. Can't really say I understand it, but the payday was more than welcome. Helped me get my Narco implant, which will allow me to keep up with the serious partier's in the future. All said, a welcome run and a welcome team.


A job's a job, and I'm not going to complain about making five figures on something simple. So we get called up to this Matrix room and told to collect some fish. This seems reasonable, a bunch of criminals want some fish, so we'll steal the fish. Turns out the fish were ALREADY stolen by a different group of runners yesterday, so we literally steal the fish only ten minutes after they've been delivered. The Haven is a weird place sometime.

Anyway, we get picked up by a rigger in a tricked out van and we start heading to the target. LB starts going on about toasters or some drek with Viper, and they're at least having a good time with it. All the while Tahki is egging this crazy fraggin' gnome on. The whole thing's a mess but I'll be damned if it's not funny. We get to our location and Viper jumps into the Matrix and gets the cameras off. Tahki does her magic drek and we're invisible and quiet, and thank frag for that, cause if we weren't then everyone for blocks would be able to hear LB and Tahki coming. Sneaking in a group is rough enough without them talking OUT LOUD while we're trying it.

We get to the door and Viper lets us in by overriding the maglock. We get eyes on the fish along with some guards and some kind of spirit. I'm expecting everything to go loud cause Tahki's got this slotting shotgun and LB's been handling grenades the whole way over, but the fragger actually has a good idea, one of the guards decides to check the perimeter and I use that to sneak a 'nade in this thug's pocket. We signal Viper when we're ready to detonate and wouldn't ya know it, a High Explosive grenade from close range is just awful for your health. LB makes a goddamn meteor fall from the sky and wrecks anyone who survived the first explosion, then I blow a spirit apart with sharp bullets (which I also thought was bulldrek, but you learn something new every day.)

We grab the fish tank, execute the survivors and get paid. A pretty good job all things considered.


Alright, so, there's these fish that blow their heads up like puffer fish. But, they ain't puffer fish, they're eels. Apparently they're rare as shit anyway, but the awakened kind are like...double rare. Now, you may be askin' little ol' me why that matters. No fraggin' clue, but hey--you've got two interested parties willin' to pay apparently.

After the stupidest meet ever where we sit in a--IDK matrix something--we show up and wait for the first team to finish stealing the thing. On the way over, Snake teaches me that toaster fraggers are actually technomancers and it can get people in trouble. They were pretty chill about me asking questions and--like--only scooched away a LITTLE BIT in the car. Snake's on my nice list.

Tahki lets me play with her shotgun, which is good because I get antsy, ya know? And this is the worst shotgun I've seen. Krime makes absolute drek. So, we're sitting there and another car pulls up. Allegedly. We've got the windows rolled up and I can't see shit. Must've been Haven runners because a couple of the runners know the car.

We wait five minutes because cool kids never show up right on time, ya know? The Technocolor hacker gets us in the door. Tahki knows I can sneak, but makes us "invisible" anyway. We get in there and it's like...guard city. All grouped up. I am in just--I am in heaven. I give a grenade to dad, he drops it in the pocket of a guard takin' a piss, and we wait until he walks back to the group. BOOM! There's lunchmeat everywhere. A spell, bullet or two later, and the place is clear. We grab the medium rare sushi, and get the frag out. Easy peasy.