The Great (Fish) Extraction

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The Great (Fish) Extraction
Status Threat Level: Spicy (Medium/High?)
Factions Involved
Yakuzas (Shotozumi-Rengo)
KE's CEO owned restaurant
5 Guards
Enemy Spider
Off-Site Mage
Casualties and losses
The five guards were knocked out.


In which the head of the Shotozumi-Rengo Yakuza clan, Shotozumi-Sama, employs a team of runners to steal a pair of Awakened Gulper Eels from a restaurant. Ellen Ward, head of KE forces in Seattle, is on their board.


Shotozumi-Sama has a menagerie of various rare and awakened critters, and desires more. After discovering that the restaurant in question would be raising its security, he hires a team of runners to acquire the rare Awakened Gulper Eels from them.

The Meet

The team gets a tip from their fixers referring them to a well paid job, and indicates to them the meet is five hour later in a luxury Japanese restaurant. The team prepares and go without much of a fuss.

In the restaurant the team get settled in a private alcove and offered the selection of dishes, the runners opting for a variety of sushi and part of it leaving the choice to the chef. Two minutes passes and the Johnson reveals himself with an escort of numerous heavily augmented guards, a quick look at his insignias reveal this man is a member of the Yakuzas. The conversation is mostly one sided, exchanging niceties in the beginning but quickly getting on the actual pitch.

The J informs the runners he wants them to steal two Awakened Gulper Eels from another restaurant, when the team pressed him about dangers to expect he informed them that the restaurant actually was owned by the current chief of Seattle's KE branch. He also insisted that his organization could not be involved in any way, and thus the runners would have to find solutions to move the fishes alive on their own terms. He finishes telling the runners he had a deposit location he can set up for about six hours on demand, and explaining that the window for this operation was of two days maximum before security would get increased.

The original offer was plenty enough money for the whole team, but Sp4rks decided to push the envelope and negotiated with the J, getting the team a total of 32,000 nuyen per head.

The Plan

After such a meal the team decided to do the legwork in a comfortable location : Relay's Bat-Shop, where they were warmly greeted by Help-R, Relay's assistant. When setting themselves down in the main room Help-R dropped off a plate of what would be cookies, baked with everything right but the ingredients's proportions, making them comestible, but still pretty bad.

The team take a look at the public facade of the restaurant, it seem to be high class and features a large vertical and cylindrical aquarium in the middle of the dining room, two stories high and containing a number of exotic fishes. With that identified, Sp4rks got on the task of finding related files whilst Relay got to scour the 'trix for info about the restaurant and it's floor plans.

Sp4rks's matrix dive got awfully close to convergence (35/40), as he found and copied two files : The security manifest and the Aquarium's maintenance procedures. The security manifest detailed that On-Site at night a unit of 5 KE advanced security guards was patrolling, in addition to a Spider and an off-site mage maintaining a presence of two spirits, one patrolling and the other in the fish tank. The Tank maintenance file detailed that the tank was accessed by the very top of it, on the third floor, thus completing Relay's plan of the restaurant.

The team's plan is to go in the next day, to be able to receive a second Noise generator before the run. The night passes, and at the end of the the evening Pell tries to invoke a powerful spirit, but it resisted mightily. Probably in protest to the treatment she had of a small spirit in a prior run. It was decided seeing her in such a state it was better to get her to a street doc and retry the next day. This time she managed to invoke the spirit, and it was go-time.

The Run

In Relay's van the team pull up in a back alley, where a door is protected by a camera and a Maglock. Sp4rks hack the camera to look away and then the maglock for the team to engulf themselves in the building, where Relay (as a roto drone), Pell and Skimmer sneak past the guards up to the second floor, and then to the third one. once there, they opened the tank and prepared the gear to extract the Gulpfishes, and Pell ordered her previously invoked spirit to grab them with the gear. Inside the tank, the two spirits fight and Pell's win, because of it's significantly higher power level.

As soon as the spirit is disrupted, alarms blare across the restaurant as the off-site mage perceived his link vanishing. Sp4rks then triggers the two noise generators of the team, and the restaurant triggers one of theirs, imposing a whooping 18 noise in the whole area, and dropping near everyone from communications. The team stroll down the stairs as the spirit break a window and goes out to the car this way. Down the stairs the team take out the security team without so much as a hitch, and they get back in the van before discreetly sneaking into general traffic. HTR teams converged but none spotted Relay's vehicle, as it got to the meeting point to drop off the Eels.

In their escape, the Spider was confused to receive a thank you note from Sp4rks's (as a corrupted commcode) deck, thanking the guy for not using Biofeedback, and indicating to him that he was not bricked because of that.


The Second Great (Fish) Extraction


32k nuyen each

2 karma


Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Okay so you're telling me i have to go to two luxury restaurant in a day, enjoy myself and steal fish to get paid that much, count me in ! Yea the place was owned by a KE dickhead, but really what matters is that i get to fuck him over and get paid for it, and with one of the best team we could have had : Skimmer, Relay, and Pell were all up to the challenge and as cool to hang with as i knew them to be ! Help-R was really cute too, i hope he manages to understand how to make cookies one day.

Also special mention for that spider in the restaurant that didn't use biofeedback like all of these others bastards, he was cool and i hope he's doing well today !


"When I see who the team is, I know this is going to go well. Got the best in the business right here, and we all know it. So acquiring a couple of eels is gonna be null sweat. Sp4rks does what he does, and the layout and security are open for our amusement; Pell tries to show off her talents and nearly geeks herself, so we wait another day as she recovers and summons a more appropriate beast to aid in the extraction. And of course, with relay's drone following me as back up, I know anything that notices us is going to get a very unwelcome surprise. The heist goes off nearly without incident, as we manage to get the eels out of the water and into the carry bags, but something tips off security so we have to shoot our way out. (Aww, my favorite.) The guards aren't up to the level of Relay and myself, and go down without a fuss. We hightail it out of there in Relay's truck, narrowly avoiding the swarm of KE cops responding to the incident. Easy Peasy. And the payout is ours, as the J looks over his new acquisitions with undisguised avarice. Gotta love a job with a solid team."


Oh man. When I rolled into the meet and looked around the was a breath of fresh air. Pure class and form, nobody I was worried about. I've watched Sp4rks grow from green decker who bricked himself to a capable, confident decker. Skimmer's always been quality. Pell has few weaknesses. Don't be wrong: I am no fan of the Yakuza. The who lot of 'em can rot in hell, but--like--if they're going to pay me and other runners a billion dollars to fill their fish tank? I'm happy to oblige.

I was a little worried when Pell decided to bring the pain train with a high force deathball, but--thanks to a street doc, she got back in business with a little time to spare. Sp4rks gets us in after like 6 seconds, Pell's spirit gets the fish out fast, and Skimmer and I put a gel round in a few guards. No casualties, no least until the drop off.

I swear, I did a double-take in the parking lot. I thought I saw someone I recognized...if my hunch is right, I'm pretty sure the Haven just robbed KE and the Yakuza all in the same go. Friggin' priceless.


Fragging ow.

Aside from the hiccups from my summoning, this job was smooth as smooth can be, thanks to the team that was put together. The amount of pay for what happened was great, felt like we've robbed the Yaks as well as the KE chief this job.

PS: Relay's anthrodrone is concerning.