Taking From Triads

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Taking From Triads
LocationTacoma, Seattle
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Eighty-Eights Triad
Casualties and losses
A few Triad Members, 2 rotodrones


The runners drive a roadmaster into a warehouse and steal some crates.


The Eighty-Eights Triad isn't moving their good fast enough, and a shipment will be sitting in a lightly defended portside warehouse for a few hours between getting dropped of by boat and packed into a truck.

The Meet

The meet takes place in an grafitti covered alleyway in central Tacoma. Scurvy is sidetracked by a rat and open manhole cover, and briefly delves into Seattle's sewer. Thankfully the punk-looking Johnson wasn't too annoyed. Roadie leads talks, but the J doesn't really have much more to offer. He informs them the Eighty-Eights are moving some goods, which will briefly be stored between boat and van in a lightly guarded warehouse on the Tacoma docks.

The Plan

Scope out the place, then drive a roadmaster through the chainlink perimeter fence and garage door. 2 Rotodrones are noted to be patrolling above the warehouse. The team initially discussed intercepting the shipment on the water, but decided they lacked the resources to pull off such an operation. Reconnaissance efforts don't bear fruit, as Indus discovers two of the Triad members are aware, but they do get the internal layout of the warehouse and the number of Triad members inside.

The Run

Things go fairly smoothly. The Roadmaster breaks through the fence and garage door as the Triad members are alerted by drone or matrix support. Scurvy dives into the water and quickly swims into the covered boat slip to grapple hand out of the water as an undead pirate. The Roadmaster breaches the door and R4NG3R bails out, followed by Roadie after he stops the vehicle. Several Triad members get filled with APDS as Indus casts Chaotic World. Meanwhile, her water spirit takes out the rotodrones that were patrolling outside with energy attacks. The entire team takes return full-auto SMG fire, and Indus is significantly harmed when a Triad member shoots into the Roadmaster. The surviving Triad members surrender and allow the team to make off with several boxes.


Roadie, Indus, and R4NG3R succesfully negotiate with Johnson-affliated fences to trade the stolen goods for weapons, armor, and magic paraphenalia.


  • Up to 28,000 ¥ in Weapons, Armor, Or Magic Paraphenalia Availability <16 (Excess Halved as Nuyen)
  • 4 Karma
  • 2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Shame I couldn't finish some them off. Bastards kept me pinned with all that SMG fire. A few learned of the leathality of high-calibre sniper rifle rounds, though.


The run was odd compared to my others but we got stuff. If it ain't broke...


Got to use me new trick. Didn't truly expect to be swimming in Seattle but I suppose it's all in the business. I love seeing people throw down their weapons, warms me heart. Now to track down that talismonger, I've got plans and the Sea is calling... I'll finally get that compass... Also! Time to track down one of those fancy wrist guns.