Anime Crime Division (Part 1)

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Anime Crime Division (Part 1)
Result The Team successfully avoided violence between the two weeb gangs
Factions Involved
Yokai (Dusk)
Enemy Runners
Casualties and losses
MegaZeroMan, XxOMG-DronesxX (unconfirmed)


Two anime obsessed weeb gangs: Subs and Dubs were peaceful rivals. The Subs led by Naruto_Waifu and Dubs led by Kitsune, were siblings and even though they had contested turf, they sort out their rivalry through dance offs. Recently allegations of subs killing a few dubs and defacing dubs territory was about to unleash a violent gang war. The Johnson, a KE officer wanted to investigate and try to sort out this situation before violence erupts. But his superior did not give him authorization to do so. Hence the J hires runners to do the job for him.


The meet happened at an arcade in Touristville, owned by the Shotozumi gumi. The presence of Yokai caused a tense and awkward situation so the meet moved to the Daze halfway, before the Shotozumi could cause trouble.


The team went over to the site of the manslaughter. Matrix and Astral based investigations revealed that shadowrunners hit the dubs and tried to push the blade on the sub to incite a gang war, this eventually clearing the area of gangs so Shiawase can come buy the land. The enemy runners tried to attack Dio on the matrix and then once they traced the team's location, came after the PC runners. XxOMG-DronesxX tried to intimidate Yokai into backing off, before being rekt by a lightning bolt. Combat ensued with MegaZeroMan sending in his spirit army to deal with the runners, now that their rigger was down. Rabbit took down half of the spirits while Yokai mind controlled the rest and send them to kill their own summoner, ending in the ironic death of MegaZeroMan. The panicked enemy runners tried to flee the scene with Dio and Marionette in hot pursuit. The threat of a rocket launcher forced Dio to stop the pursuit, instead choosing to stealthily track the roadmaster. Marionette called the Johnson who sent KE HTR after the enemy runners thus arresting them and ending the case.


The imminent gang war between Subs and Dubs was avoided.


9000 nuyen. 3 karma. 3/3 KE Nerd contact (the J)

Yokai's AAR: Ohaiyogozaimasu ShadowHaven! I have watched some animu in my life but nowhere have I seen such disgusting weaboos.Like these weren't just regular anime fans, these gangs took it too far. They actually had a violent dispute over whether subs are better than dubs. As a Japanese, just watch what makes you comfortable. Listening to japanese and forcing subs on yourself if you don't know the language just makes you a weeb. Yare yare daze! Gomenasai for my outburst.