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He's the man you're looking for.
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
Titles and Awards0
D.O.B.August 30th, 2037
Metatype - D
Attributes - A
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - B
Resources - C

Character Information


"Arco," referring to the Seattle Arcology event, is a man that's slipped into many different names; Sir, Captain, CEO, janitor, he's nodded along with every single one from behind a completely different face. He's got the skills and equipment to transform into whoever's currently in the way. If you need a man, he's always him.


Safety, security, a family with which to not only survive, but thrive. To work truly for himself and nobody else.


The following is highly abbreviated, for a character synopsis's sake. If you'd like the full story, it can be found in the Google Doc. Rudolph Voigt was born an elf to a poor human father and troll mother in the Redmond Barrens. His father quickly left the scene when his birth disrupted their marriage, and at the age of fifteen he was sold in adoption to a Renraku Executive (as part of a publicity stunt). When that Executive was killed in the Renraku Arcology event, he found himself non-existent within the Corporation's eyes and took to running away across the continent. After numerous small jobs, a horrible car-crash resulted in permanent disfigurement, remedied only by extensive cyber and bioware technology to reconstruct him. Afterwards he learned to combine his skills and 'ware to impersonate and manipulate higher and higher level individuals. After years of wrestling with his past, Arco--as he now calls himself--is finally able to return to Seattle and begin Running in a whole new way.

Narrative Significant Qualities


  • Alibi - Having to fabricate a life story every time someone asks about Arco's first twenty-two years eventually became second nature.
  • First Impression - With life on the move throughout the country, Arco's first impression tended to be his last. He learned to make it a good one.
  • Watch the Suit - While the money he had managed to save afforded him a few nice articles of clothing, he knew that he had to make them last before he could get a fake SIN forged for a job.
  • Cynic - Arco's been in this business for a decent amount of time. This, combined with the lies of his adoptive father resulted in a level of distrust.
  • Faceless - He's been wearing a false-face ever since the incident, never willing to return to his now permanently disfigured self.


  • Addiction (Mild) (Long Haul) - It began with long nights at the office, taking what he needed to get some inspiration at night. What began as an employment necessity continued with life on the move.
  • Prejudiced (Common, Biased) (Trolls) - Residual misguided hatred towards his mother and the gangers within the Redmond Barrens.
  • Lightweight - He never could quite handle alcohol and drugs, despite his interest in the former.
  • Motion Sickness - Going above a certain speed in a car has been uncomfortable for Arco since his accident. This mental stress manifests in physical nausea.

Run History

The ghosts of backstory runs past.




Burned from system by Renraku Systems.


As of yet, none.


None, I should hope.

In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Such things wouldn't exactly be useful for an infiltrator, now would they? Nevertheless, his idle doodlings tend to manifest as pictures of owls.


Level 4 Heinrich Horst, Private Investigator


A middle-aged appearing elf with green eyes and olive skin. His true hair is medium length and black, typically curling around his shoulders. He keeps clean-shaven, but carries a variety of false beards and facial hair. Atop his true hair he wears a Smart Wig and tries to keep a consistent appearance with long black hair with streaks of gray. He's an inch below average height for an elf, but holds his posture incredibly well.


Typically seen in a freshly tailored silver suit, gray vest, and black dress shirt with a shiny blue bowtie. While out and about he keeps the large collar of his trench coat popped up around his face and a gray driver cap on his head. His ballistic mask is in the shape of an owl head, with shiny eye spots.

Matrix Persona

A smartly dressed man, black trousers, black shirt, black tie, but an owl's head with bright yellow glowing eyes.