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Armistice Small.jpg
Combat Pacifist
MetatypeElf (Dryad)
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
CharGen Type - Sum To Ten
Metatype - C
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - B
Skills - D
Resources - D

Character Information


Armistice is a combat pacifist: She'll walk down the middle of a firefight, to get it to stop.


Armistice abhors violence, and will do anything to bring peace to the world, at least as long as she doesn't have to cause suffering to do so.


Caoimhe's parents insisted that she learn Gaelic as part of her heritage. She's quite good, and can sing like nobody's business.

First met Sam just looking for legitimate work. He sent her to Maria Gennaro, assuming she could at least help out with talking the less violent people round. She left her resume with Sam on the off-chance he found her a decent agent for her to become a performer.

After a few such jobs, Maria accidentally sent Armistice to one of the more dangerous people; not Maria's fault KE didn't tell her he was a physical adept suspected of turning Toxic until a couple hours *after* she sent Armistice after him. Maria had almost finished typing up the condolence letter to Armistice's next of kin when she walked in with an almost worryingly compliant man with weeping sores all over his face.

After a few weeks of Maria sending Armistice out on minor runs that barely qualified as shadow work, stuff like making sure Little Billy wasn't dealing drugs again his mother wouldn't approve, that kind of thing, Sam contacted Armistice again, letting her know of an agent: Sinead Brown.

Sinead recommended a fine tailor for her, someone who was good with high fashion protective clothing; she didn't want her up-and-coming starlet to get taken away by some runners now.

Caoimhe stayed with the shadow work though, partly because Maria was always good to her but mostly because she saw CAPTAIN FREEFALL on the news a few times and was inspired to do what he does: Go into dangerous situations and help people out of them. She just feels that talking them down would have better long-term effects than punching them out. Sam seems happy to assist, and Sinead thinks it'd be good publicity. Maria don't care, she's still good for the low-level things Maria wants her to do.

She met Marcus Bison on an animemes forum.

Narrative Significant Qualities

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Maria Gennaro - Loyalty 4

Jean Jacques Pierre - Loyalty 2

Sinéad Brown - Loyalty 1

Sam Defabia-Kane - Loyalty 2

Marcus Bison - Loyalty 1



Allies: None


Enemies: None

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Real: Caoimhe Abbott (UCAS) (pronounced Keeva, but also answers to Cammie; easier than trying to correct people all the time)

Fake: Halle Doherty (UCAS)



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