Army Drek

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Army Drek
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven CAS Warrant Officer 3
Tia Cunningham


In which Harebuck is hunted by an old friend from College ROTC for his antlers.


Before he was Harebuck, Bo Sawyer was in the CAS ROTC. After SURGEing and becoming a Jackalope, some people have been after his antlers for their supposed magical properties.

The Meet

While at the Union Pacific Train Wreck, Harebuck runs Tia Cunningham, someone he knew from CAS ROTC. She's currently Chief Warrant Officer 3, specializing in hunting awakened paracritters. She asks some personally invasive questions to him, and when he reacts badly to this, tries to slip a stealth tag on the back of his shirt. He notices, however, and by the time he moves to confront her she's already hidden in the crowd. As he's heading out to his truck, he sees her follow him out of the club. She tries to jump onto his truck, then he gets out of the truck to confront her. She pulls a Cavalier Champion on him and fires! He dodges out of the way and burns rubber to escape (though not before she manages to sneak some Stealth Tags onto his vehicle)! He calls his fixer, Handy Andy, for some assistance, who calls C0FF1N.

The Run

C0FF1N and Harebuck meet up at an energy station, where Tia fires at the vampire poser who is helping her quarry. Queue combat. After a tense battle, Harebuck and C0FF1N leave before KE shows up.


KE calls Harebuck the next morning and explains that she was trying to 'hunt the awakened paracritter', and asks if he'd like to press charges. He declines, but fills out a restraining order against Tia. They send her back to the CAS regardless. Two days later, Harebuck gets a call on the same number, and a CAS Sergeant is on the other end of the line offering to pay him to let them sweep this issue under the rug. He agrees.



  • 11 karma - 11 RVP
  • 2 CDP


  • 4k nuyen - 2 RVP


Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


...Getting some more time in a ranges. Really need to get some more skill with my gun.