Ashwal Shivichandra

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Ashwal Shivichandra
Hindu Brahmin
Speaks In Metaphor And Parable
Believes The Corps Are Chaos
Contact OwnerBagelsworth
Owner's Discord NameBagelsworth#9566
Public Contact?Yes
Preferred Payment MethodShadowrunner Jobs
Personal LifeMarried
AspectsOld and Wise
Devoted of Vishnu
Healer Connections
Hindu Mage Priest
A Healer's Touch
House the Suffering


Ashwal is a brahmin of the Hindu theology that had immigrated from India decades ago. He spends most of his time running and maintaining the Mandir (or temple) located in Downtown Seattle. While there, he can often be seen either in meditation or giving aid to those in need and assisting Awakened individuals - especially those who share his faith - procure the resources and materials they need to practice their crafts. While Hinduism neither condemns or condones physical conflict, Ashwal believes that there is a great need of Kshatriyas - or warriors - in the Sixth World to fight against the spreading imbalance and chaos caused by those who spread grief and suffering with their greed, arrogance, and selfishness; Ashwal disdains most of the Megacorporations because of this. As such, Ashwal acts as a Fixer to those who seek out his Wisdom and points them towards what he believes is their Path forward. He believes that in doing this, he manages to maintain a karmic balance in his own life through helping others directly and indirectly resolve their problems - thereby restoring the karmic balance world itself little by little.

Aspects Description

Aspect Description
Old and Wise Ashwal may be devoted to his beliefs, but he is open-minded to new ideas and welcomes discussions. As a result, he's acquainted with many individuals with religious backgrounds - even those outside of his own theology. Ashwal gains a +2 bonus to Networking checks that relate to people with any sort of religious position or background (such as ministers, gurus, rabbis, other Brahmins, etc).
Devoted of Vishnu Ashwal is highly spiritual and strong in his Hindu beliefs. He enjoys supporting those who share his faith immensely, and is in the know of who the faithful are and what they do. Ashwal gains a +2 bonus to Networking checks when searching for individuals who follow the Hindu Theology or are mages of the Hindu Tradition. This could be just about anyone from a beggar to a wealthy merchant or even politicians if any exist.
Healer Connections Due to his skill and knowledge in healing - both magical and mundane - Ashwal is known in certain circles of doctors and healers in the Sixth World and can even set up meetings or obtain information that these individuals are knowledgeable in from them. Ashwal gains a +2 bonus to Networking checks that involve doctors, healing mages, or other medical professionals who may be more experienced with or knowledgeable in certain kinds of injuries or maladies than he is.
Hindu Mage Priest Ashwal is an Awakened Mage, and crafts or buys the materials that those like him need to practice their various crafts - including alchemical appliances or magical foci, but specializes in Health Magic resources. He is willing to part with his goods for "donations for the needy". Ashwal can act as a Talismonger that sells Magical goods and has a +2 bonus to Gear checks that specifically request Foci for Health Magic.
A Healer's Touch Ashwal has years of experience being a healer - both physical and spiritual - for others and feels it his karmic duty to provide relief for those in need. Ashwal gains a +2 bonus to Active checks when attempting to heal an individual either through magical or mundane means.
House the Suffering Ashwal's beliefs of charity and karma have lent him a genuine concern for the safety and wellbeing of his fellow man. He even goes so far as to offer shelter to those who are in need of it, though this boon has some restrictions and requirements depending on who you are. Ashwal is open to allowing Runners the use of his temple in Downtown Seattle as a temporary Safe House in situations such as when they are on the run from a job gone wrong. However, there is a chance he will refuse if there is too much heat on you or your group. If he allows you shelter, you can stay for up to a number of hours equal to your Loyalty Rating, but you will owe him a Favor (the Base Level of which is 7 - your Loyalty Rating). The level of this favor may increase or decrease in accordance with the amount of danger you are putting him or others he is sheltering in (GM's discretion).


Knowledge Checks 3 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Active Checks 9 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Gear Acquisition Checks 5 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Networking Checks 13 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety


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