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Social Infiltration
MetatypeElf (Dryad)
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
D.O.B.September 1st, 2031
PriorityMetatype - D
Attributes - C
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - B
Resources - A

Character Information


A Brazilian dryad orphaned at 3 years old, Aster was raised by foster parents in Mitsuhama Computer Technologies to serve as a diplomat in the foreign service. After the collapse of the Imperial Japanese State's colonies in the 2060s, Aster chose to request an extraction rather than risk returning to MCT service in Japan itself. When Aster was extracted by agents of the Draco Foundation, he agreed to provide his particular skills in certain jobs around Seattle high society as payment.


  • Maintain a high standard of living in Downtown Seattle.
  • Develop powerful contacts and friends who could shield him if MCT comes looking.
  • Build enough wealth to retire to San Francisco in style.


Born to young elven parents in Brazil; Aster never had a chance to remember them. When Aster was just 3, Brazil was invaded by the great dragon Hualpa's forces, who defeated the Brazilian government and formed the nation of Amazonia. In the ensuing chaos, Aster was orphaned, picked up by a group of metahuman traffickers, and shipped off to Peru where he was sold to a local MCT representative.

Recognizing the rare opportunity presented by a baby dryad, Aster was placed in a foster home with MCT corporate parents and closely monitored to learn more about dryads and how they may be exploited. Like most imperial japanese at the time, Aster's "parents" were openly hostile towards metahumans; Aster quickly learned skills necessary to employ his dryad nature, manipulate other's behavior, and avoid the worst punishments. Realizing his aptitude as he graduated primary school, his MCT handlers moved him to a Hawaiian facility specializing in training MCT statesmen, politicians, and ambassadors for foreign service.

Aster proved to be adept at statescraft, quickly adjusting to the use of bioware and cyberware focused on enhancing social manipulation. By the 2050s, Aster was assigned to the diplomatic branch of the Imperial Japanese State forces occupying the San Francisco bay area, where he served as assistant for relations with A/AA corporations and other minor organizations. While operating in CalFree, Aster had several negative encounters with Colonel Keiji Saito, the leader of local IJS forces.

Aster took the first opportunity to leave CalFree, accepting an assignment in 2060 to move to MCT headquarters in Tsimshian, where he was assigned as handler for the Tir Tairngire ambassador. For the next 5 years, Aster played a significant role keeping the peace between MCT's Tsmishian interests and the surrounding NANs. However, MCT's foreign influences began to crumble after the 2061 disasters in Japan. By 2065, MCT was forced to consolidate its forces at home, choosing to abandon its interests in Tsimshian.

With the pending withdrawal of MCT from Tsimshian, Aster was given a choice: return to diplomatic service in CalFree under the increasingly erratic and hostile Colonel Keiji Saito, or move to Japan where (despite Emperor Yasuhito's reforms) he could expect hostility from most everyone. Not liking either option, Aster opted to post a request for extraction to the Matrix. On the day MCT's caravan rolled out of Tsimshian, it was with great relief that Aster found himself suddenly blindfolded, rushed into a hijacked helicopter, and flown north.

When the blindfold was finally removed, Aster found himself in the back office of a downtown Seattle DIMR research facility, surrounded by shelves of manga and action figures, and sitting across a desk from the troll Adowa "Moria" Webster, who was distracted playing Final Fantasy. To say Aster was confused would be an understatement. Moria refused all offers of payment for the extraction, instead revealing that she operates as a fixer for the Draco Foundation; DF had chosen to extract Aster in exchange for some help on a few choice jobs. Aster quickly agreed, and Moria helped get him set up in a penthouse in a nearby apartment complex. For over a decade, Aster has run various jobs for Moria to help keep up his high lifestyle in Downtown Seattle.

Narrative Significant Qualities


  • Biocompatibility (Bioware) - MCT pushed the limits of social manipulation bioware to give Aster an edge in his assignments.
  • Glamour - As a dryad, Aster has always naturally elicited a positive reaction from those he interacts with. Unfortunately this makes him particularly memorable as well.
  • Honest Face - From a young age, Aster learned how to lie. Really well.
  • Linguist - An important part of Aster's MCT education was to learn many different languages.
  • Method Actor - Many of the Draco Foundation's jobs have called for Aster to infiltrate exclusive high-society establishments. He has found that the easiest way to accomplish this is to (as literally as possible) become someone who is supposed to be there.


  • Allergy (Uncommon, Mild) (Alcohol) - Perhaps as a result of the bio- and genetic-engineering that MCT did, Aster can't handle alcohol.
  • Reduced Sense (Taste) - In Aster's line of work, it isn't uncommon to be offered an alcoholic drink. Normally, it is more expedient to just accept it and deal with the minor allergic reaction than draw attention by refusing it. Repeated inflammatory reactions have taken their toll on Aster's sense of taste.
  • Creature of Comfort (High) - Aster likes his fancy Downtown apartment, exclusive club memberships, and jobs infiltrating high-society.
  • Distinctive Style - Aster's first impression is always positive, in a very memorable way.
  • Symbiosis - Through regular meditation in his rooftop garden space, Aster is attuned to the environment around his Downtown apartment.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Proof of ConceptSarcarianTwo Steps Ahead11 November 2081
I Think I'm Sick and I Want to Go HomeSarcarian29 October 2081
Homeward Bound By Ramshackle GloryDrBurst3 October 2081
... Bushy TailedChrisst111Against all odds - The OtherCon story28 September 2081
Fate of a CowardBurst23 September 2081



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Adowa "Moria" Webster 4 3 Fixer DIMR Scientist Hermetic Mage, Decker, Nerd, Draco Foundation Fixer, Arcane-Archaeologist Even
Tia Skinner 6 1 Custom(G,A,K,N) Street Doc Street Doc, Cyber Surgeon, Bioware Specalist, Tacoma Native, Focused Work Ethic, Loyal, Black Market Connections Even
Lucille "Dimple" Cousteau 2 5 Custom(K,N,G,A) Socialite Infobroker Infobroker, Socialite, Fashionista Even
"Wild Goose" 2 1 Gear ID Manufacturer SIN Forger, License Forger, Matchmaker Even
Amrei Veidt 6 1 Generalist S-K Prime Operative Actually a Spy, Deck Jockey, Delta Clinic Access, Former Shadowrunner, Information Broker, One Step Ahead, Prime Datahaven Membership, Saeder-Krupp Employee, Fresh off the Assembly Line Even


  • Draco Foundation - Extracted Aster from MCT in return for his services.

Group Reputations

Group Reputation
Ex-Firewatch +6
OtherCon +1
Saeder-Krupp +3



In Character Information

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  • Toma Kado (UCAS, R4)



The only constants in Aster's appearance are his expensive clothes and characteristic dryad glamour. Using basic disguise techniques augmented with myriad cyber/bioware, Aster reguarly changes his appearance to best suit the situation.

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