Babylon's Self-Reflection

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Babylon's Self-Reflection
LocationBellevue, Seattle Metroplex
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Lone Star Security


In which Babylon tries to avoid going to therapy to reflect on her criminal actions.


During the events of her last run, Babylon discovered that her parole officer was in a bad mood. Deciding that meant that he must be having troubles at home, as such she hires a group of shadowrunners to "help him out"

The Meet

Spending time drinking at the Daisy Chain in Tarislar, Babylon meets Voltage, a new arrival to Seattle and a fellow Ancients member. Her revelry is interrupted however by Charles, her parole officer, entering the Daisy Chain and questioning her about her work and the connection that she has to the other criminals in the bar. Doing her best to lie to the Lone Star officer, Babylon excuses herself and "returns to work" after getting Charles leave the bar. Deciding that she needs to make the parole officer have something better to do than harass her, she calls a series of runners, though doesn't agree to pay them, simply relying on her "charm" to win them over. Though she does agree to take a favor to Argent from Zenith.

The runners meet up at Gus' Bar, a street-level runner bar in the Redmond Barrens, and the runners grill Babylon for a few hours about why it is that they are targeting this person and what they are trying to do. Eventually agreeing to do the job for the minimum return that Babylon offers, the runners begin to formulate a plan.

The Plan

Babylon explains that they want to try and get Charles and his wife back in contact and talking again. Oathbane does a quick Matrix search and discovers that Charles has a teenaged daughter who is rebelling against her parents because Charles is too obsessed with work. She also learns that Charles is not currently living at home because his wife has kicked him out for bringing his work home with him. This creates a significant barrier between the married couple that Babylon wishes to bridge.

After going through several plans, Zenith eventually realizes that he recognizes Charles' daughter as a friend of his own teenaged daughter, and that the school they both attend - Twin Peaks Private School - is having a Parent-Teacher meeting night on the same night that the runners have assembled. Assuming that Charles will rush to the school if Babylon, as a known criminal, shows up there with her new gang-member friend, the runners decide to crash the PTA night and draw the Lone Star officer to them.

The Run

Arriving at the private school, Zenith tells the other runners to wait outside the walls of the school and changes into a nice suit to keep up appearances. Able to go through the main gates using the fact that his daughter is a student to explain his appearance at the school, he then messages Oathbane to shut off the cameras on one side of the school before throwing a rope over the wall and letting the other runners get onto the grounds. Once there, Zenith splits off from the runners and enters the school to "keep a low profile". Meanwhile Babylon calls Charles and lets him know that she and Voltage are at the school and very drunk.

It doesn't take long for Charles to arrive at the school and with the rest of the runners inside the halls, Charles meets up with his wife. Thanks to some quick magic, instead of a drag-out fight between the couple, Babylon influences the wife in order to get her to listen to Charles, though the parole officer notices the mind magic before being brought into an empty classroom to have a "discussion" with his wife.


Now allowed to go back home, Charles seems less inclined to harass Babylon, though makes it clear that he knows that she has access to mind magic.



  • 12 karma (12 RVP)
  • 16k nuyen worth of weapons/ammo/stuff gangs would have up to availability 18 (4 RVP)
  • 2 CDP


  • 12 karma (12 RVP)
  • 10 CDP from Therapy (4 RVP)
  • Charles now knows you can cast Mind Magic and have committed Felonies, but feels indebted currently. This may fade, quickly, based on Babylon's behavior.
  • Everyone: Can take Freya (Connection 5) at Loyalty 2 for 6 RVP Can take Ether (Connection 5) at Loyalty 2 for 6 RVP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Most of the time, if a runner calls me for help, I'm pretty happy to help. Babylon calling me for help makes me suspicious that she has some more nefarious plan in motion. Didn't seem to be the case this time. Honestly this seemed more like a night of drunken fraggery rather than any normal job. We had to trick someone harassing Babylon into stopping harassing Babylon by getting him back together with his wife. Honestly this seems like the kind of thing a therapist should do, rather than a group of criminals, but she also agreed to take a favor that I owed Argent, so at least I clear that mark from my ledger.

Honestly I don't like the mixing of my personal and professional life. Though everyone was drunk and didn't bother asking questions about how I got into the school grounds without setting off alarms, so it was all smooth. Babylon got what she wanted, and I got something I wanted to. All in all, not a bad night's work.


I know I just met Babylon, but holy drek, she is SO COOL! I went barhopping with her and posed as her bodyguard or whatever, and I guess she liked me so much that she introduced me to a hacker contact she's got with the Ancients in another city, and she put in a good word for me with Ether. And sure, she didn't pay me in nuyen, but who cares? I got a new gun and a new arm out of the deal, and I feel like I'm really movin' up in the world. I really hope she asks me to work with her again.


Fragging therapy. Fragging Charles. All I wanted to do was get my goddamn PO off my back so I could drink in peace, and it turns into a complete drekshow where now a bunch of runners think I owe them one for giving them something to do with their evening; they didn't even pull off the job I was paying them for, but I'm sure that won't stop any of them. Whatever, at least Zenith doesn't owe Argent anymore (I was going to get him to do something stupid with that favor too), and that Voltage chick was cool to hang out with. Hopefully Charles will at least be too busy with his wife to get on my ass about the whole mind magic thing - I'm sure that won't come back to bite me in the ass later... bleh, time to go to stupid therapy I guess.


I honestly gave little concern about whatever she wanted she needed assistance and I needed some form of money of course, did I do it at the kindness of my heart .no there is no kindness for that one there is just the pattern of doing business and making sure the job get done I didn't care if I'd put him put my heart into it I just only cared about what I got in return simple as that nothing more . Seem like she is trying to avoid, the actions of her own past...who knows if she will ever face what's she has done. but when it happens , i won't say how i feel about it.