Bad Neighbours

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Bad Neighbours
LocationMontreal, West End
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Shadow Weaver
8 Gangers


A surprisingly charming insect spirit hires four runners to make a twelve-hour minecart ride to Montreal and clear out a houseful of gangers.


Natalie, a mantis spirit in Montreal's bug-infested West End, wants what her neighbour's got. A near-biblical tale, but the stuff she wants is their drugs so she can get to work on starting a gang. She decides the best way to do it is to have them killed off.

The Meet

After a trying journey in a poorly-ventilated minecart, the team arrives in Montreal without a vehicle. With Shadow Weaver forced to use a spirit to conceal her (due to the whole ghoul situation) , the team's intimidating appearance allows them to simply walk through the West End to the food truck where they meet Natalie. She tells them a fake story about feeling 'unsafe' with a house of gangers on the block, and offers them ¥ 12,000. After a little waffling about hazard pay, Shadow Weaver secures another five hundred, as well as access to Natalie's shower for the fairly sweaty foursome.

Having noticed her being dual-natured upon meeting her, Shadow Weaver has a spirit assense Natalie while Shadow Weaver avails herself of her necessary daily bathing. It quickly comes to the attention of our heroes that their employer is in fact an orchid mantis spirit, inhabiting the body of an elf. After an awkward confrontation, the team nonetheless decides to go forward with the job, after Shadow Weaver uses a spirit's service to grab a quick snack.

The Plan

Since the house is small enough to easily scout astrally, the mystic adept has a spirit scout the location, finding eight oppositional individuals distributed throughout three floors. Under the cover of Concealment, the team covers the two entrances to the house, and prepares to breach.

The Run

TROGZOR bursts into the main room of the house, supported by Rasputin and Dr. Trauma. On the other side of the building, Shadow Weaver and a spirit break in as well. While Dr. Trauma and Shadow Weaver get shot up pretty inconveniently, Trogzor and Rasputin are well able to clean up most of the gangers, and the water spirit removes the less conveniently-located ones. After the fight, Shadow Weaver gets patched up, and the team rest their heads momentarily at Natalie's before getting back on the minecart.


A small coterie of mantis spirits got access to a good amount of drugs and armament that the gangers had in their house.


¥12,500, 6 Karma, 2 CDP, A Shower Head for TROGZOR

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Shadow Weaver

Sassy. I didn't think that type of spirit could have personality like that. I will have to find out more, somehow. I'm not exactly sure how exactly but I will. Also, ow. Stupid gangers. Stupid me, for taking them lightly. Arcane power can't protect my soft human body... unless?


It was nice, clean operation. We go in, we take out targets, and we leave. Trogzor the Poundinator certainly isn't a stretched title by any means. I am still apprehensive about our employers, but their money still spends and they eat bugs, so who am I to judge?


Why the elf say weird things to TROGZOR? Shower unscrews. Bug woman pay. Bug woman not die.Gangermen die. Simple. Nice shower head TROGZOR needs it. Rooms need be giant friendly!


First time meeting a bug spirit, I'm still alive and she seemed friendly enough plus I got paid so at least she's good in my book.