Baptism By Gunfire

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Baptism By Gunfire
LocationChicago, UCAS
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Gambini Family
Don Gambini
Amerigo Allegre
Gambino Goons x4
Casualties and losses
None Allegre (nut shot)


Skimmer gets word that his daughter is about to be born and christened, and decides to head back to his home town of Chicago to try and reclaim his lost family.


Former member of the Gambini Family, Skimmer was an up and coming guardian of the family's pride and joy, Dorothea, daughter of the Don. The two immediately hit it off, and Skimmer dared to take it so far as to flirt with the captivating young woman. Entranced by the handsome young elf, Dorothea reciprocated the feelings, and love was born on wings of secrecy, as the truth would spell certain doom for the street adept. Unfortunately the physical side effects of their secret trysts would soon become impossible to conceal. Fearing for his life, Dorothea asked Skimmer to flee the city, and never return for fear of her father's wrath. Knowing that he would be unable to stand up to the Don and his entire chain of command, Skimmer reluctantly agreed, sadly departing for Seattle to start a new life. Now, nine months later, Skimmer has heard that his child is due to be born any day now to the beautiful Dorothea, and that she has been forcibly married to his one time rival Amerigo Allegri to conceal the parentage of the child. Determined to win his family back, Skimmer reaches out to his newest friend Zenith in the hopes that he might have some sage advice for the situation...

The Meet

Meeting at The Daze, Skimmer and Zenith have a few drinks and discuss the revelation that he is about to become a father. Zenith is seeming unphased by the revelation, as Skimmer had hinted of the possibility previously, and offers his assistance with the situation in any way that he can. Putting their heads together, they come up with a plan to get in, get out, and not get dead.

The Plan

Skimmer calls up his contact Juan Lopez and asks for a pair of discreet SIN's to fly while in Chicago. Juan agrees and sets it up, providing the identification in short order. Zenith in the mean time, buys a couple of synth masks and wigs to be used as disguises while in the windy city, and has one of his contacts, Freya program them with the appropriate look to fool all onlookers. Finally, Skimmer calls Esteban González to arrange to be smuggled into and out of Chicago, explaining the volatility of the potential situation. Esteban agrees, for a hefty fee, and a promise of future favors from Skimmer. Knowing that he is willing to pay any price for his family, Skimmer quickly agrees and secures the transport.

Skimmer and Zenith spend a cramped couple of days locked within a tiny crate, at least by Zenith's estimations. The while away the time by getting to know each other better, and discussing the merits of family life, and the impact that shadow running has upon the same. Armored with his faith, Skimmer assumes the best for his future, and prepares for the inevitable reunion with his beloved Dorothea.

Arriving in Chicago, Skimmer contacts his longtime and lifelong friend Rabbit, who picks the pair up at the drop off. Explaining that Dorothea is due any day now, Rabbit reveals that the christening is to take place at Our Lady of the Holy Family church, three days after the birth. Zenith sends a fly spy to recon the Gambini Family estate, and learns valuable information leading to a possible approach through security for Skimmer to meet up with his love. Hovering at the second level, the fly spy shows the onlookers a scene of Dorothea, radiant in her beauty, pacing quietly within a room. Shortly thereafter, she doubles over in pain, as if experiencing a contraction. Realizing that the baby's birth is eminent, Skimmer and Zenith spring into action; Skimmer heading out in Rabbit's car, and Zenith hailing a cab.

Zenith heads to a local pizzeria, and bribes a pizza delivery guy to not only give him the 15 pizza's he's delivering, but his delivery uniform as well. Donning the clothing, Zenith heads to the front gate of the Gambini estate and loudly declares that he has a delivery for a Mr. Allegre, and convinces the guards to call down the Family Capo to deal with the situation. Meanwhile, with security distracted Skimmer dons his Predator suit and swiftly sneaks onto the property, blending in invisibly to his surroundings, and making short work of the rear door. Heading up to Dorothea's room, he observes the distraction by Zenith working wonderfully, as the guards all converge on Zenith's position, ostensibly to have some pie.

Skimmer enters the room and reveals himself to Dorothea, who is unsurprisingly shocked and dismayed at his presence. Glad to see that he is alive, but afraid that he will be killed she pleads with him to once again run for his life. Skimmer calmly explains that he has no plans of leaving his lady love and his child behind, and that he has the means and the will to remove them from this place, if that is her wish. Dorothea swiftly agrees, clasping her love tightly to her, and whispering that she loves him, which he quickly returns. Realizing that his time is up for now, Skimmer ask Dorothea to concoct some reason for the vehicle to pull over on the way to the church for the christening, at which point he will come to collect her and his child. She agrees, and the plan is set.

The Run

The Duo prepares for the big day by renting a vehicle to use at the pickup, that they can quickly switch from into Rabbit's car to help avoid detection. On the day of the christening, Skimmer follows at a discreet distance, undetected by the security goons waiting for the pre-arranged pullover by Dorothea. The pullover takes place, and Dorothea gets out of the limo, feigning some form of distress. Stepping out of the vehicle behind her is Amerigo Allegre, who moves to attempt to bring Dorothea and her child back to the waiting car. Seeing this, Skimmer steps out of his car and promptly shoots Allegre in the genitals, causing him to double over and begin vomiting, before falling to the ground in a heap. Skimmer yells to Dorothea to come to him as he moves to intercept any attempts to hurt her or the the child, interposing his body between them and potential threats.

Goons try to exit the vehicle from all sides, but Zenith is quick to shoot the door lock, locking them in briefly. Shortly after, they manage to exit the vehicle and start firing wildly, most at Zenith, but one tries to suppress the area with bullets, to which Skimmer soaks the damage with his predator armor, while Zenith nimbly dodges the oncoming hail. A loud cry comes from within the limo, telling the goon idiots "Stop firing at my Daughter and grandchild!", as Skimmer escorts Dorothea and the child to his waiting car. Wrapping them in a bullet proof blanket, Skimmer catches his first glance at his daughter, a beautiful elven lass destined to break hearts; his own included. Turning back to the limo, Skimmer see his former boss, the Don step out and demand to know what the hell he thinks he's doing, returning to Chicago, assaulting the Don's men, and kidnapping the Don's family. Skimmer immediately reminds the old man that this is his family to, and he will do whatever it takes to be with them. The Don fumes, but realizes that in this situation he is clearly out matched, and considers the alternatives. Realizing that mistakes have been made by all parties in the past, the Don simply waves Skimmer away, allowing the new papa to reunite with his lost family. Dorothea leaps out of the car to swiftly hug her father goodbye, then returns to the car ready to begin her new life.

Zenith, remembering the hard time he had with Allegre during the pizza fiasco, walks over and claims the Capo's gold-plated Super Warhawk, whispering into his ear, "Always remember to tip your pizza guy."


The foursome enjoy a quiet ride back to Seattle as arranged by Esteban, this time in a much roomier compartment suitable for a young woman and newborn child. Zenith and Skimmer pass the time talking about the necessary armoring steps required to attune a weapon, and Dorothea basks in the light of her bundle of joy. Skimmer is clearly content with his family reunion, and Zenith feels the good vibes as well. Deciding that only one more thing is required to make the trip complete, Skimmer and Dorothea name their child Rachel Elizabeth, and look forward to the future.


  • 7 karma
  • 14 CDP
  • For Skimmer: Replace Big Regret with Dependent (Demanding) and School of Hard Knocks
  • For Zenith: Ruger Super Warhawk w/Custom Look

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


"Family. I have a family. I never would have though that I would be that guy, but here I am, with a soon to be wife and my newborn daughter Rachel Elizabeth. If my happiness could be described with words, I would share them with the world."


Ya don't get a whole lot of wins in this line of work, and even fewer happy endings. Skimmer's got the love of his life and his kid safely back in Seattle now and everything seems wiz. I'm happy for them, and I hope that they get left in peace. Though if they don't, ol' uncy Zenith will be there to help out.

For real though Chicago wasn't so bad this time around, apparently they figured out how to hide the fact they got nuked. Plus their pizza is pretty good. Now all I gotta do is look into that bug problem they still seem to have.