Barefoot Cali

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Barefoot Cali
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven CalFree Wineries Eagle Security
El Ellie
Sonni M Aireich


Le Sommelier hires a bunch of runners to sabotage his competition in California


A winery of a well-known brand of wine is about to have a taste test of their secret blend. Runners are sent to intercept this, by poisoning the wine, destroying the fields to scare workers and get profiles of them to be scooped up be le Sommelier. Their hardware was to be sabotaged, secret recipe stolen and altered.

The Meet

The party arrived in Auburn at Le Sommelier's compound without issue where they were offered non-alcoholic wine. Once he finished pouring they were offered 18,000 to sabotage a winery completely and steal the distressed workers. Flare was sure to ask for timeframe, and the party was curious about transport which was on the J. The party took the offer immediately and Le Sommelier let them know he was willing to pay 20,000.

The Plan

The party was to socially infiltrate, the social adepts would distract any workers present. Scrappenny would poison the winery, Flare would sabotage their equipment with help from the comms and Al-Ahmar (Janet) would hack in, alter and steal the information.

The Run

Janet researched the facility, providing the party with the information on the owners and the location. Scrappenny then devised that Granum would be a good substance to taint the wine,

Scrappenny drove the party into CalFree without issue despite the squad of CalFree rangers running by at massive speed. She drove the truck unnoticed past the average joes in the fields. The party next noticed a dragonfly watching over the fields which Sonni pointed out had no aura, and with this noticed Scrappenny drove by without issue. Janet next noticed four commlinks running silently and expertly hacked in and traced where their icons were, there was nothing present, but when she looked through the thermal sensors a GMC bulldog was noticed. She marked them and kept an eye on them.

Next Ellie in her famous persona requested a tour and with unyielding pleasantries got herself in and near immediately got a tour. Mid tour, when Scrappeny signalled the party Sonni and Ellie began to perform and be very distracting, and covered for Scrappenny inserting the Granum and Flare piercing the alarm ward and with aid of the rigger and decker she was able to sabotage their equipment so it would not detect the taint. Janet next slid into the host without issue, launching a detailed search through their files and finding the secret recipe. She got into it without issue and tried to disarm the databomb, however she realised at the last moment that the databomb was about to go off and could luckily reconfig her deck through the worst of it, with a singed and sparking deck she did get the information, edit and copy it before leaving the host.

Ellie organised a concert and requested the presence of all workers and after successfully negotiating it up from 75% all did arrive and Janet noticed and informed the party of the icons she'd discovered earlier moving. The party spotted a 3rd party runner trying to sneak in and Sonni commanded him to stop and get down to the adoration of the workers. Eagle Security quickly deployed and without a question gunned down the runner, this startled a few runners Flare got their emotional states and Scrappenny took pictures. In the distraction Scrappenny launched a drone, and the concert pulled sufficient of the guards who were looking over the fields' attention that they did not notice until it was too late. Flare created a massive warning sign trid phantasm and the workers fled in fear, Janet quickly made profiles of all of them.


The group returned having completed every objective and the winery was decimated


18,000 4 Karma 2 CDP 1 Lavish Bribe (Bottle of Wine)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


This was my first time in CalFree! What a beautiful country, and the vineyard was gorgeous. A shame we had to light it on fire and scare the workers all half-dead, but I suppose that's the sort of thing you need to do when you are running the shadows. At least nobody got hurt, except that one infiltrator.. which wasn't pleasant to watch. In any case, I'm glad I got to go home to Rose and Hunter afterwards; They are what's most important, even if it means doing things I don't like.


Trying to sneaky into a place and steal some people for another corp, you know dealing with a job and trying not t get caught by a deadly team and a huge wave of drones moving across the ground and covering over the land.


Remind me to never get into wine as a business. Entrepreneur or employee to a bigger company, this place is brutal! Geez. I mean, okay, we managed to figure things out and get the job fixed up for that weird French fella, wasn't the hardest thing ever? I had to mess around with turrets and all, but compared to a lot of other drek I'd say I was very much safe compared to my teammates who had to actually risk their lives!