Sonni M Aireich

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Sonni M Aireich
A Social Adept who lives with and by the sound of his voice.
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
PriorityMetatype - E
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - C
Skills - C
Resources - B

Character Information




In 2046 at a remote Amazonian jungle facility, inside an underground lab, M took his first breath and his infant lungs filled with vapors of pure trance. The trance, often called toadstone, was abundantly inescapable in every room of the floor M lived his first 25 years on, and all of these things were created, owned and controlled by Graciela Riveros and Primeira Vaga. His first breath, the first sensations firing in his nerves and tissues, the first motions of his digits and limbs, halted and frozen numb immediately with his first exhale.

It is not true to say that M's first memory was that of paralysis, because it was his second memory. Then, like a microcosmic big bang, all the awareness of those first fleeting sensations contracted then exploded into M's brain. His third memory was the sound, overwhelming droning multiphasic bass that would been unpleasant for those not experiencing paralysis, then after what was 24 hours a pure tone ( ) began piercing through the droning bass, both of which played constantly for another 48 hours before M experienced silence again. After 8 hours of pure silence, a soothing feminine voice began whispering what he would learn to be words in repetition, gradually increasing in volume for 8 hours before the droning bass and pure tone began playing again. From then on for the first 90 days of M's life, those sounds were his life, constant except a tone change on a rotation of 6 seperate frequencies... those and his unique, extremely stimulated brain-thoughts-memories. In addition to what he was created, expected, and forced by his environment to learn during his first 3 months of life, M also learned one of the most important lessons of his life despite not having language or symbols for it; his thoughts and memories are 2 things the Olya Cartel does not own.

One day, or night, at 4 months of life, when M had developed physically as much as most metahumans grow in their first 3-5 years (though his growth was stunted and atrophied from paralysis and spatial confinement), the voice stopped and all the other sounds got quieter, much quieter. Not only that, but more diverse, some muffled, some clear, some far and near(both new concepts to M), not as constant, neither the tone nor the droning. Then he heard a signal tone, louder, closer, and clearer than all other sounds, and M's voice automatically blasted out of his body in a perfect steady tone and pitch for nearly a minute, followed by the harmonic opposite tone as he inhales... and repeated steadily in perfect pitch and tone for hours and hours. Eventually another signal tone is heard, and M's voice changes to alternating between two new tones in constant repetition until a third signal tone is heard and his voice automatically switches to the third pair of tones. Save unrecalled moments of unconsciousness/sleep, and variations in the mesh of sonic atomosphere that he later learned to be movement of metahumans, this was the entirety of M's first 25 years of life.

All of that was the entirety of his life, entirety except of course his thoughts and memories, his mind. Created under the reckless combined influence of greed, hubris, and disregard for life, more than a few things were overlooked when the genetic blueprint for thousands of farm raised post-humans and incidentally, M, was designed. So many posibilities and unkowns in regards to the brain/mind, there really is no way of knowing, let alone isolating a specific (or even cluster of) factor that resulted in the series of mutations that led to M's brain and physiology being different from the thousands (maybe it was just because he was the exact 1000th to be created) of genetically identical protohumans he unkowingly shared his "home" with. But things were overlooked, mistakes were made, and eventually M became keenly aware of his environment, abstracts and innerself, even elements of his world beyond what he could hear.

To this day, the only person to fully and truly know the details of M's creation, or the full extent of what his (and the others like him) role in the mass production of BADs were is Graciela Riveros. Others were, by necessity, privvy to the details of the genetic engineering involved but the cost of those details was their lives. Some of the picture was painted, some of the puzzle pieces put into place with the memory of his first meeting with Majia Wright and her debriefing of the "neutral" runners, who she hired to sanitize certain things in the facility ahead of IDEA's raid, on Domingo Ramos' behalf (securing AZT sponsorship of her petition). The jungle facility that M was created in was the pinnacle of Graciela Riveros' genius and her most valuable asset, having produced tons in the millions of tempo, trance, oneiro and overdrive (Other BADs and magical compounds in smaller amounts) during it's operation. The level of the subterranean lab that M spent his "formative" years on had hundreds of identical partitioned rooms without ceilings, each room was circular (75 metre circumference), the floors had 1 metre of standing water and were divided into 3 equal parts by steel mesh/fencing that rose just 10cm above the waterline. Housed in each of these rooms were genetically modifed and bred frogs numbering in the ten thousands. The frogs were a transgenic based on a unique frog species (Xenopus) which spend their entire lives underwater in colonies, hybridized with the Hyla Tree frog, Poison Dart frog, and Puffer Fish. Above the rooms was a weblike magrail network which held, suspended above the rooms, the coffinesque perforated steel carriages that M and the others like him existed in.

The frogs regularly emitted into the air the mind altering and body paralyzing toxin known as Trance, the astronomic number of frogs meant that the entire floor was constantly permeated with the toxic gas (which ultimately filled collector-condensers above the magrails). In addition to the gas, the frogs regularly emitted sounds being of course one of their primary forms of communication. Seemingly this is the primary reason the proto-humans, and M, were created; the tones they were programmed and signalled to make with their voices kept the frogs in a docile state/from cannibalizing as well as maintaining circadian and reproductive cycles. Some of the data recovered from the early research indicated that digitally produced tones over time caused abreactive behavior in the frogs, seemingly this is the observation that necessitated M's creation and existence. Aside from the gaseous toxins, reagents, compounds, proteins (sent to NatVat) and genetic material were harvested from the frogs when they reached mortality.

Of the more than 33,000 "niños del coro" that were in the facility, less than half survived the chaos that ensued after the runners breached the floor, nearly 10,000 died from the shock of being taken to the surface or coming out of paralysis, and M was the only one that demonstrated a capacity to communicate or respond to communication. During the conclusion of the briefing Majia Wright (with the backing of the runners) offered to Domingo Ramos the unrefusable advice that the surviving "niños del coro" be quietly assigned SIN's and provided whatever comfort and meaning to existence they're capable of living after receiving enough therapy and education to have a healthy body/brain. The anomolous characteristics and behavior of M were reckognized and unique arrangements were made for M, arrangements which involved an unsurprisingly bizarre series of events that lead up to a journey with one of the runner's that rescued him, a feathered serpent, a zeppelin, and ultimately a 10 year contract with Ace Powers and Horizon. When that bizarre journey ended, M was a secret well kept by Ace Powers at a private recording studio in Denver. That studio is where M's journey into sound, language, and mind took a quantum leap as he spent the next decade (when not in recording sessions for Ace) taking advantage of his access to the infinite sea of knowledge in audio format, Horizon training materials, and eventually the studio equipment.

It took about a year for Ace Powers to complete the necessary arrangements and legwork for M to be relocated to and live "independently" in Seattle, a duration which of course coincided with the staggered hype/releases for the albums of artists the Horizon had recently signed to capitalize on all the material Ace was getting from M. Since his arrival in Seattle, M has spent most of his time on the Acoustisky developing familiarity of the area, creating and exploring sonic art, for the first time unfettered by direction/requirement of others, continuing his pursuit of knowledge, and occasionally accepting contracts from musicians to record in the Acoustisky. So far, the only time M has spent outside of the Acoustisky has been at Dante's Inferno or visiting Ed Wells.

Narrative Significant Qualities


Adept, Perceptive, Inspired (Performance), Natural Immunity (Natural)-Trance/Frog Toxins, Prototype Transhuman


Astral Beacon, Blind, Distinctive Style (No Eyes), SINner (Corporate Limited, Aztechnology) Strength 1 at Chargen due to 25 years of paralysis, then 10 years of sedentary lifestyle after initial (Str 0->1) therapy.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Barefoot CaliNoctis26 March 2083



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Ace Powers 6 1 Fixer Horizon Talent Agent Musical Talent, Corporate Deals, Keep it Classy, Fake SINs, Insider Knowledge, Horizon Agent, Hired Muscle Even
Ed Wells 2 2 Service Aerospace Engineer Federated-Boeing, Design Enthusiast, Mechanic Even
Sora Ozaki 4 2 Service Air Traffic Control Supervisor ATC Supervisor, Air Boss, Ms. Worldwide, Space Available, Loadmaster Even




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Sonni M Aireich (Burner Fake Rating 3)

    Fake License, Adept (R3)
    Fake License, Pilot (R3)
    Fake License, Service Animal (R3)

Magoo (Burner Fake Rating 2)

    Fake License, Pilot (R2)

Tlate M Cuhlti (Corporate Limited, Aztechnology)

    License, Adept
    License, Pilot
    License, Service Animal



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