Barrens Arsonist Given Life Sentence

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Date: 2081-4-29

A rather heated, and often contentious case, a guilty verdict was found in the fiery destruction of a tenement in Redmond. Aron Howard, a 16 year old ork, was convinced of arson and multiple counts of murder. The defense in the case had made multiple accusations of evidence tampering and obfuscation involving possible fraud and intimidation from an illegal syndicate.

"It is a shame," Judge Ben Garner said, "that I cannot convict this offense to metahumanity to a larger sentence than life. However, it will do me pride knowing that he will not see the light of day again."

Neither the defendant, his counsel, or his family was available for comment.

"It is a good thing," Captain Warner of the Knight Errant unit in Redmond said on comment, "that our boys were able to respond so quickly to a tip by a few concerned citizens. One less psychopath here in the Barrens."

The convicted will be transferred to a Lone Star maximum security prison at the end of this week.

-AP/Horizon News Service. "We Know What You Think."