Sins of the Mother

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Mother Komodo, a metahuman rights lawyer, has lost a lot in her time: her husband, a home a number of years ago in Japan, a number of clients and cases; and her son is somewhat estranged from her.

It's time to stop losing.

And with the help of the Haven, she plans on doing just that.

Factions Involved/Dramtis Personae

Mother Komodo

A short (4'10") woman of Japanese descent, she and her husband have dedicated their lives to law and justice for metahumans, particularly ones that are on the lower echelons of society. She has recently come to the realization that while sometimes justice can be served by law, law does not necessarily be served by justice.


Finding justice for her clients. Finding the balm for some unknown guilt.

Various Metahuman Rights Groups

Mother Komodo is not technically a member of, but has connections to a number of groups that fight for metahuman rights.


To find equal rights with the rest of humanity, to fight for their rights and lives.

Various Syndicates/Slumlords

Opposing Mother Komodo and wishing to bring her down are a number of syndicates that profit off of her clients. It is said at least a few of them have put a bounty on her head, and at least one of them killed her husband to get her to drop a case against them.


For things to continue the way they have been. To eliminate Mother Komodo and others like her.


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