UCAS Judge Gets Twenty Years In Corruption Case

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Date: 2081-5-23

In a case that shocked many, Judge Ben Garner, of the Third Municipal Court of Seattle, was found guilty of accepting bribes late Friday, and sentenced to sentence of 20 years on multiple counts, including obstruction of justice. Furthermore, the judge has been disbarred.

None of the District Attorney's office, the counsel of the defendant, or Knight Errant were available for comment. It is said that the crooked judge had many ties to Underworld syndicates and possibly corporations and megacorporations to find in their favor. It is rumored that UCAS Internal Affairs is investigating the former judge's office and Knight Errant officers that may have handled his last cases. There is no word if any of those cases would be up for further review.

-AP/Horizon News Service "We Know What You Think".