Belly of the Beast Part 1

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Belly of the Beast Part 1
LocationOpen Water
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Major Corp
Casualties and losses
Lots of deckhead and Blue Sam


The first team got dropped off by helio and start to get to work on killing those on guard on the first floor of the ship


Some idiot killed someone close to another person who has power and try to sneak cargo into one of their ports and ends up with them, sending teams of runners to show them a lesson.

The Meet

The team would be reached by each of their fixer, to meet someone at one of the dockers, where other runners are showing up to hear about their role in a larger mission to take over and loot a whole cargo ship of everything it has on it.

The Plan

Team 1 plan is to be dropped off at the top of the ship, to try to take over the bridge and kill the crew, people they send out the warning for help and making this a lot more risk for each of the time.

The Run

By a bit of magic, they sneak over to the side of the bridge, and before anyone knew what was happening a frag went right in, killing or knocking out a lot of the crew, leaving one person alive. but who is taken out very quickly and the remaining people try to battle the runners and get them off the ship but fail to do so and are killed. the runners make sure the SOS can't be send out and find out some info about what could be lurking in the belly of the ship


The runners stay on the first level to help it under control as the other teams move in and clear out the other 2 floors.


32k or 64k (16 RVP) worth of rewards. Gear all its damn shipping cargo ship (aliv19 and below) CDP 2

Optional Chernobog at 1/3 (RVP 3)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


We were able to secure the bridge really quickly thanks to a coordinated maneuver. The huge troll that came to recapture was already a hunk. He took a lot of punishment. Thanks to grenades, area spells and fire spirits we were able to hold the bridge. Let's hope that the other teams also make good progress. The file we found on the cyber zombie is very disturbing.


Salt water stench is all over me. That clank had us going mach five in a helichopter. "Be sneaky" They said. "We'll drop you off" They said. We were from one coffin to another! I Felt no closer to death than I had that day, but woah what a heist! Like twenty of us working together to work some corpo shithead's mistake. He's sleeping in the sea by tomorrow night I'm sure. Idiot.