Bio-where? What? Oh Drek!

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Bio-where? What? Oh Drek!
Part of The Toys that Made Us
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
John the Security Spider
Courtney Mcintire
Pierce Mcintire's evil empire of making Ben Johnson feel bad.
Princess Sparkleshine
Brute Force
Casualties and losses
Dignity. A priceless Funko Pop. A lot of expensive upholstery.


John the Security Spider had bitten off more than he could chew and needed help! Who better to turn to than his favorite blackmailing, bribing runners? And how better than to pay them with a favor!


Benjamin Johnson, owner of Unicornergy Toy Company, was having a bad day. His rival, Pierce Mcintire, was sending him just the worst messages making fun of the unicorn incident. His business was barely holding on and he really, really needed a win. So he turned to his favorite head of security, John, and asked him to do the impossible - hit Pierce where it hurt: his pride. Pierce was a renowned collector of NERPs from the 5th World and a prized piece in his collection was due back from the museum it was being shown at - a Pride 2020 Rainbow Hello Kitty Pop! Vinyl Figure, in tact and still in the box. John missed his chance to engineer its theft while it was in transit so he reached out to runners to steal it now that it was in Mcintire's home.

He had to do this for his boss, you know? Or else Johnson might get suspicious of why there were so many security screw ups! John is good at his job, REALLY! (Runners please help!)

The Meet

Brute Force, Princess Sparkleshine, Harebuck, Reiko, Eisenjägerin, and Spider met up with John the Security Spider in a swanky bar downtown. Spider and John had previously met on another job, but John was eager to get to know everyone else (he was not drunk, really!). On Johnson's dime the 7 people ate, drank, and talked business for several hours. John had the location of the item but not a lot else to go on. The team agreed on trading their labor for the promise of a favor from a bioware lab goon John knew (and owed John quite a bit - something about getting a host up and running after being toppled?). The team even agreed to rig the place with a bunch of the failed unicorns that had sunk Unicornergy for good measure. After a good night's sleep, the team set out to do some gold old fashioned leg work!

The Plan

The mansion was a sea of cameras, booby traps, hell hounds, and a giant host. Man, it's like the guy was paranoid about security! Spider was having a heck of a time running searches and poking around inside (the security spider had to be stunned into submission). She did happen across, and hack and copy, everything on Pierce McIntire's daughter, Courtney, cell phone. It was a gold mine of exploit-ability - she was a party girl with a nasty drug habit and questionable taste in booty calls. The team decided that the daughter was their way in - convince her to take some other rich kids back to her place after a night of partying, and steal the figure then. Reiko would provide physical overwatch from the outside while Spider stayed in the host to make sure nothing went wrong. Princess and Harebuck would pose as rich kid brats attending University of Washington, Seattle (Go Mascot!) while Brute force and Eisenjägerin acted as their bodyguards. Princess and Harebuck would party with Courtney and get back to the house with their bodyguards. They'd improvise from there.

The Run

The four infiltrating the mansion arrived at Courtney's club of choice early. Harebuck bought some shots. Princess did a lot of dancing and putting up with Courtney wanting to be her 'very good friend'. Courtney continuously insulted her bodyguard, furthering the man's dissent into "I really could care less what happens to her" vibe. After a lot of drinks, drugs, and bodyguard insults, they finally got Courtney home. It was easy to separate her from her boydguard once she noticed the Hello Kitty bracelet Princess was wearing - Courtney helped them to sneak past the inner house security to her Father's study where the figure was held. Spider managed to get all the outside security to the other side of the house so they wouldn't see in (this place had a ton of windows!). After some convincing Harebuck and Princess lured Courtney away from the case (those velvety antlers were too much to resist!). Eisenjägerin and Brute Force made short work of the case the figure was in and managed to swap it with a reasonable fake they'd had made.

In order to get Eisenjägerin out (she had the figure), Princess threw the biggest hissy fit known to man and stomped out, taking Eisenjägerin with her. Courtney, now devastated, fell sobbing into a chair. Harebuck tried to calm her down. Reiko ended up having to take out a roaming Security Guard that got too close for comfort (he was only stunned and left in the hedge two doors down, ok?!). Harebuck managed to get himself and Brute Force out after some fast talk. Courtney fell asleep in the chair, unaware the team had planted explosively pooping unicorns that were triggered to all go off if someone moved them even slightly (including one right on top of drunk, passed out Courtney).

Everyone got out well. Clean-ish. Unicorn accidents happen!


John made good on his bioware claims for the group.

Ben Johnson was thrilled with the turn of events.

Courtney is semi-scarred for life and in rehab.

John the Security Spider will forever refer to friends as "comprendos!" no matter how much you correct him.


Option 1:

64,000 worth of bioware or geneware.  If it is less, please take the difference in between the gear and 64,000 and divide by two for nuyen.  If it is more, please pay the difference.

+2 CDP

Option 2:

Acquire John the Security Spider as a 4/1 Contact

56,000 worth of bioware/geneware.   If you take less gear than 52,000, take the difference and divide by two as nuyen. If it is more, please pay the difference.

Option 3:

Obtain the knowledge skill: THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIP, rank 1

62,000 worth of bioware/geneware.   If you take less gear than 62,000, take the difference and divide by two as nuyen. If it is more, please pay the difference.

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


This run went off incredibly smoothly. We had good faces and good covers for our muscle. :)

Brute Force

My first run on the Haven did not disappoint. True professionals who figured out a way to do the least damage and accomplish the objective. Whole thing went so smooth, I was still waiting for something to go down after I got home.


It went well for my first run on the Haven. We had a good team, and worked well together. It was certainly a strange objective we were given, but I can't complain with the result.