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Satomi Wakana. "BlackSpider"
Small spider.jpg
Social infiltrator with Matrix competence
Street Cred2
Public Awareness0
Titles and Awards0
D.O.B.December 8th 2044
FolderDrive link
Metatype - E
Attributes - C
Magic/Resonance - D
Skills - B
Resources - A
GMP in store0
GMP spent on character16

Character Information


Face decker. Made to be able to infiltrate socialy and crack into devices in the flesh, bypassing any extra security

Worked as a independent contractor, useing her social and matrix abilities to earn her a good living. Now she's in seattle to furfill her dream of becomming a shadowrunner


  • Become a famous Shadowrunner
  • Get enough money to buy a permenant high lifestyle
  • Steal a priceless object
  • Love is dificult


I grew up in Japan, to a loving father and mother. I attended College and got a technical education. After that i began working for Shiawase as a so called Spider. One who protects the host from outside hackers who try to gain access and steal files. It didnt take me long before i began growing an intrest in the world these hackers came from, i began studying them. Learning about them, about Shadowrunners. It took me even less time before i began imitating them. I started doing things, useing my knowledge of the Matrix to get access to places where i should not go, learn of information that was sealed away. I even began contracting myself out to Shadowrunners, either to sell them information or to help them gain access to places they too should not go. As time went on, i began think of better things. Like shedding my bonds with Shiawase, who were already hot on my tail. If it hadnt been for the matrix Crash of 2064 i would probly have been found out, and discarded. Or worse. After the crash, i had no more ties that held me in Japan, and i knew Shiawase would figure out the truth at some point. So i fled, i travled to China to look for work. And work was easy enough to find for a woman with discernible skills as i.

With Japan behind me and a need to still take care of my familiy, i began broadning my working zone. Such as learning propper etiquette and how to manipulate a conversation to ones liking. And doing so i found a niche that i could fill. Not many people expect the cute asian woman to be a infiltrator, and even less expect her to be able crack most security software and leaving without anyone being the wiser of what had happen. I spend many years working like that, perfecting my routine, and i would have contiuned like that. Intill one job, where i met this peculiar man. His name was Marionette which fit as he had a MBW system in him. Marionette and i were tasked with retrving vital information from a Wuxing offical. We hatched a plan and excuted it. I lured the target and his escort away from light, and Marionette made short work of his guards. We were a good team, made up for each other's weaknesses, well he made up for my weakness. My inability to function well in combat. But our partnership was short lived as he left after a few months. Said he was leaving for Seattle, the home ground for Shadowrunners

It didnt take me long before i followed him, the appeal of becomming a fully fledged shadowrunner was just something i could not pass up, not after having idolized them in my youth

Narrative Significant Qualities

Run History

Save the Memes (Resub'd so no run rewards from this one)

Get out of here runners





Booker Booker is a good friend, i feel i can count on him if i should ever need

Marionette It seems Marionette didnt see it fit that we'd stop at "just friends" Whatever happens next i hope it'll be for the better





Rabbit Not that she isnt great at doing what she does. But i know what happens to people who get infected. I dont hate her, but i wont share a couch with her.

In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Thres 1 : Nothing much. Few articals dating back a decade talking about semi-rich men and women killed off with the only evidence left behind being the symbol of a human with a spider's face

Thres 3 : Nothing that Thres 1 wouldnt also give.

Thres 6 Prerequisite (Knowing her name, Satomi Wakana) : Finding a wanted file dating back one and a half decade. Wanted Quality ((Contacting Shiwase or searching with them about her will make it Thres 1))

Shadow Community Table

Some decade old posts talking about a "informant" in Shiawase going by the nick of BlackSpider. The "Informant" would take payment to let a backdoor stand open, or even get the info or do the task in question for the right pay.




Matrix Persona

2 Forms, her "Human" form is whenever she's doing mundane things or things that arnt dificult to her. It is basicly her meat self, with a flowing red velvet veil behind her

Her second form is one of a "Spider" specficly a tarantula. She uses this form when shes on the prowl, actually trying her best to beat somethnig. Or whenever she feels like it

Media Mentions

ShadowGrid Profile Comments

AAR's done

Save the Memes