Black Samurai's Initiation 1

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Black Samurai's Initiation 1
Status Threat Level: Initiation #1
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Renraku
Black Samurai Masuyama Kijuro


Hank, Black Samurai's dog, gets ill. Akira takes him to the vet where he met Masuyama Kijuro, who befriends him by letting Hank get seen first. The two meet for dinner later, and spar. Masuyama Kijuro teaches Akira to assense.


Hank, Black Samurai's dog, is the goodest boy.

The Run

During Akira's morning training session, Hank became noticeably lethargic. He refused to eat, and deteriorated as the morning continued. After a matrix search, Black Samurai found a vet located several blocks away in Puyallup. Forgetting he had received a car in payment of a previous gig, Akira ran up the street to a vet's office carrying Hank. Unfortunately, the office is packed with other animals and owners, and the staff asked Akira to take a number and sit down.

Worried about Hank, Akira looked for anyone who might trade numbers with him. Masuyama Kijuro, wearing a Renraku polo shirt, spoke up in Japanese, and Akira responded in kind. Masuyama Kijuro is delighted to find someone in his area who speaks Japanese outside of his work at Renraku, and offered to trade numbers in line in exchange for dinner company. He told Akira to have the vet check Hank's heart, and that he should be running an adept license.

Hank is seen and diagnosed with heartworms. Akira payed for the x-ray and medicine before returning home. After scheduling dinner with Masuyama Kijuro, and considering multiple comments about adept powers, Akira realized that he must be awakened and called his fixer, Dollmaster. Dollmaster was willing to get the license on his behalf, but wanted more information about Akira's adept prowess.

During dinner, Akira asked Masuyama Kijuro about why they believe he's an adept. Masuyama Kijuro told Akira about assensing and how you clear your mind and pull in information.

After dinner, Masuyama Kijuro and Akira went to a dojo to spar. Masuyama Kijuro promptly struck Akira several times in the duel. He noticed an astral signature being left when Akira draws his sword. After dueling, Masuyama Kijuro agreed to become Akira's assensing mentor and stay in contact.


  • Hank takes his medicine, begrudgingly.
  • Akira adds an adept license to his SIN.
  • Akira and Masuyama Kijuro stay in touch, despite his work for Renraku.


Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Black Samurai

Hank is okay--which is the most important part.

Masuyama Kijuro has been extraordinarily enlightening these past few days, and it's entirely unfortunate that he wears the Renraku colors, but I'll try to keep him clean and far away from vengeance enacted as a returned courtesy. He guards the door, and--frankly--that's not the sort of individual at Renraku that has drawn my ire anyway.

It does peel away a layer of straightforwardness to my plans, which is unfortunate. Up until this point, I'm not sure I had considered any individual with the Renraku logo salvageable or--possibly--even people. Renraku's transgressions can't be ignored, but I'll do my best to limit collateral damage if possible.