Blood Vapor

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Blood Vapor
Part of Crouching Dragon, Hidden Tiger
GMMach Ten
LocationSeattle greater Metro
Result Successful data heist
Factions Involved
2 Renraku Corpsec
Casualties and losses
None 2 Corpsec


Johnson calls a meet in the abandoned industrial complex of Puyallup, the team is hired to counter some corporate espionage and return stolen data.


Francis Frankson and Alexander Volkov grew up in the corporate academia and maintain a perpetual competitive nature between themselves, it drives them onwards to greater things but as the years grow longer they need to constantly up the stakes... until one of them crosses a line, then the other must decide how far to go to balance the scales.

The Meet

Arriving at a dusty worn down former iron works the team is surrounded by the workings of what seems to be a vehicle modification factory, gangers of all sorts work on various strange vehicles, an overhead office shines a light through a broken window.

The Johnsons office door is flung open and a heavy built man (Alexander Volkov) exits, fuming to himself, he's not a Troll, but he's not far off either.

The team step out of the way and enter the cramped cabin, getting quickly to the point the team is tasked with finding out what happened to a data-courier Frank was supposed to meet yesterday and see if Volkov is involved and further if so, put an end to his involvement (without violence). he still values his friendship.

The Plan

Slayer spots some files on the desk, this is a KRIME setup, they are building an Urban Brawl team, but the main offices that Volkov works out of is closer to downtown Seattle.

They are given the contact info for POLANSKI the courier. and head to Volkovs offices to see if they can get data directly from source.

The Run

The KRIME local offices are quiet at this time of night, getting past the lone security guard is an easy task for Boombox, followed by Wolfheart who keeps a wary eye on the spirit world for patrolling spirits.

Dokkaebi hacks easily into the host and silently calls the elevator to the ground floor and the team slip past the guard to the 5th floor

The lights are all out apart from one office and the team move to position to breach and take out Volkov .. Slayer is hanging back as the bathroom door behind him swings open, the hand dryer blasting noise into the room, everyone freezes as Volkov slips into the darkness unaware of the team, Wolfheart throws up an invisibility onto Slayer just as Volkov looks directly at the red headed dwarf, who swifly vanishes ... "I need to lay off the cram!" Volkov shakes his weary head imagining fantasy dwarven barbarians from his weekly DnD groups and heads to his office door.

Boombox steps behind him and with a quick application of a complex toxin, Volkov is rendered unconscious, they drag him to his desk and lay him out.

His Terminal is open and the team download communications between Volkov and an Assassin that has confirmed the termination of the courier, but did not find the data he was carrying.

Moving out of the building the team plan the next section, Dokkaebi locates the couriers burner comm and through the device figure out he has another fake sin Anthony Rux, who is under mortuary investigation at a Renraku medical facility not far away.

The van heads out into the night, and circle the facility quickly. Wolfheart and Boombox head to the back door and Slayer heads to the front, figuring a more direct approach will get results faster.

inside the main doors two Renraku CorpSec agents in security armour with slung machine guns stand guard, are utterly taken by surprise as a berserk dwarf strides in screaming for the body of Anthony Ruz.. the whole room just freezes, noone can come to terms with the sheer audacity.

Meanwhile Dokkaebi dives into VR and challenges the Host, trying to quickly take out the cameras and defenses facing the team and get the back door open, Boom box has already taken the maglock out so it's a simple task of raising the roller shutter doors, Dokkabi kills the camera feeds and the duo move in, pinging the couriers commlink for a precise location.

Momentarily distracted at the vending machines after spotting a "pale blue plush toy ducky" Slayer is only vaguely aware the guards are maneuvering around him. he barely turns in time to see the nurse at the counter moving to an alert button.

Another swift application of toxins and the Mortician is sound asleep, Wolfheart assenses the corpse on the table and locates a hidden chipjack, they grab the chip and race for the exit.

in the foyer, the guards have recovered their senses and move to quietly apprehend the lunatic while a nurse heads for the panic button, Dokkaebi is on it though and squelches the signal, No help is coming.

The two guards open up full auto on the dwarf the bullets (SnS) hit but drop uselessly from his armour, slipping axes from their sheaths, Slayer moves surprisingly fast for his stature and with two thrown axes followed up by a chop with his main axe he slicews the guards apart and races back out the front door leaving a mess of confusion behind them the team escape to their van.


Two eviscerated guards lay dead in a Renraku facility, dead to the hands of a flame haired mentalist wielding axes, the thirty or so witnesses give detailed descriptions to the authorities when they eventually arrive.

The Johnson is pleased that the data is recovered, but dismayed his friend has resorted to assassinations.

The team get their pay and go their separate ways.

Dokkaebi took a copy of the paydata and does some research on his own time.

the data is a detailed plan too liberate a 'Weapon' from a facility in the ACHE out of a corporation called ST (Silicon Technologies) pretty easy to back trace this as a sub Renraku company.

The plan involves taking an escape craft from under ACHE out into the Puget Sound and take a path that avoids confrontation to head to a rendezvous on Bainbridge island


8k nuyen

7 karma

+1 KRIME faction rep

Slayer -1 Renraku faction rep

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Wolfheart's Report

Hi! This week, I made a new friend, a spirit of man! They made me really charismatic, and people seemed to like listening to me a whole lot, except for the hacker, who got really passive-aggressive with me. We got the job done so quickly, I didn't even have to say goodbye to them until it was done! I'm very thankful the spirit world seems so interested in me, and I'm thankful I got a team full of skilled people. Though um. The dwarf should see a counselor.