Crouching Dragon, Hidden Tiger

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This metaplot deals with technomancer terrorist attacks against MCT and the Yakuza rivalry between Ryumyo and Taiga "Tiger" Mitsuhama.


Mitsuhama Computer Technologies

Since its rise to the number one spot in the corporate rankings, MCT has been making a lot of enemies. While Saeder-Krupp's stocks fell thanks to secretive dragon wars, MCT was busy buying up A- and AA-rated corps to add to its assets. Normally purchases involve taking a short-term loss for future profit, but with MCT upsetting the old order that had SK on top and ready to make some waves when the corporate ranking audits came out, many smaller corps were willing to sell for cheap to get under the MCT umbrella. This has resulted in a large number of MCT holdings around the world that haven't been brought into the corporation's Zero-Zone policy and a strain on MCT's security resources. They will have to decide where to allocate their resources as their enemies plot against them.


  • Defend #1 corporation ranking
  • Maintain Yakuza control
  • Profit from technomancer research


  • Taiga "Tiger" Mitsuhama (CGL)


MCT has been the most successful exploiter of emergent bodies since Crash 2.0. Sure, every corp wants a piece of the resonance pie, but MCT got the biggest piece. They got in early under the guise of "treating" AIPS sufferers, many of whom were newly emerged technomancers. They even have a number of emerged employees who buy into the corp's propaganda about helping technomancers. Those in the shadows know the score, though: the new matrix was built on technomancer corpses, and MCT continues to harvest their bodies and minds for any possible resources to exploit. This has led to technomancer groups assaulting MCT all around the world. Hundreds have infiltrated as employees, and countless more plot from the outside. One notable tribe is KillSec, a militant group who wants to deal as much damage to MCT as possible; on the other end of the spectrum, there's the Red Children, who prioritize saving technomancer lives over doing long-term damage.


  • Save technomancers
  • Cause harm to MCT


  • Scarlet - Red Children (ShadowHaven)
  • RM-RF - KillSec (ShadowHaven)

Four Oyabun Rengo

MCT rose to power in the first place thanks to its involvement with the Yakuza during an economic recession. They made fast friends for treating their Yakuza allies as honored business partners instead of shady criminals - that and having the money to back it up. Today, the Four Oyabun Rengo is among the most powerful global rengo in the world, and its presence is synonymous with Mitsuhama. While MCT works with whatever crime syndicates operate in a given area, the Four Oyabun Rengo practically owns MCT due to its early investment, and its criminal activity is an extension of MCT in the shadows.


  • Ensure MCT's illegal activities remain profitable


While the Four Oyabun Rengo is powerful on a global scale, the Watada-rengo is quite possibly the most powerful rengo. A traditionalist group that sticks to the old ways, the Watada-rengo has had the support of the great dragon Ryumyo since 2027, when he made an alliance with them after they chose not to support Mitsuhama. With both rengo having large overlaps in territory and market shares, they are in ongoing conflict that doesn't seem like it's going to end any time soon.


  • Preserve Yakuza tradition
  • Cause trouble for MCT
  • Whatever Ryumyo wants


  • Ryumyo (CGL)


SK is currently gunning for that top spot again. MCT has drawn their ire, and even if their power has waned a bit, they're still supported by Lofwyr and decades of Sixth World corporate supremacy.


  • Reclaim the #1 spot in the corporate rankings


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