Some (Wo)Men Just Want to Watch the World Burn

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Some (Wo)Men Just Want to Watch the World Burn
Part of Crouching Dragon, Hidden Tiger
Result Purkinje's biometric data was removed from MCT's system.
Factions Involved

Blackwater Biometrics LLC

Synaptic Security Solutions, Inc.
Casualties and losses
None None


Knowing that Mitsuhama Computer Technologies had her biometric data on file, Purkinje gathered a couple of shadowrunners close to her to assault the biometric vault where the data was being stored.


Purkinje met with Deimos and Rambozo at the Daze to talk strategy. Matrix searches revealed MCT had contracted the storage of her data to a biometric data and security corporation, and that her samples in particular were stored in a vault in Tacoma. Purkinje assessed the situation, figuring there would be some valuable paydata inside. Ultimately, they decided to go social infiltration with Rambozo standing by with Aztechnology Strikers as backup in case things went wrong.


After learning more about the building's security and matrix infrastructure, the team disguised themselves. Purkinje did the classic strategy of using Resonance Spike to silently brick a terminal inside the building, then show up later pretending to be an on-call IT worker. Deimos shapechanged into a service dog to help the plan with illusion magic from the inside. With a little social engineering, the two were able to get inside, access the server room, and edit the files to effectively wipe all data on her and other technomancers. They then bricked all offline backups with a tag eraser plugged in to a wall, successfully convincing a concerned security guard that the damage was part of a hardware failure being investigated by the IT contractors Synaptic Security Solutions, Inc.

After making their way outside, the team regrouped in a nearby alleyway to discuss what to do about the actual samples stored in a secure vault. Ultimately, Purkinje and Deimos went back inside pretending to forget something, then sabotaged the ventilation system and tossed a smoke grenade inside so it would look like a fire had started. When the building's staff had exited, Deimos trapped them all within a physical barrier outside the door, Rambozo tossed a pepper punch grenade inside and fired a rocket at the wall, and the team just waltzed inside and blew everything up before starting a real fire and leaving the area.


The datavault corp was not prepared for this level of disproportionate response, and the utter, uniform destruction left them unable to determine what the target was. Purkinje's data was erased from MCT's files.


  • 12,000¥
  • 6 karma
  • (Deimos was given 12 karma and no money in exchange for doing this as a favor.)

Player After-Action Reports

Purkinje's Report

It's good to have people I can rely on when I'm in need. Seeing myself on MCT's list of confirmed technomancers in the Pacific Northwest was a wake-up call. I knew they had info on me, but I didn't know it was that bad. Now, I can live in (relative) peace in Bellevue. But I'm not about to leave them alone. No, this is just step one in the next phase of my war against them. I hope they're ready.