Arson in MCT Subsidiary Basement

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An attractive human news anchor taps an ARO stack of papers on the desk in front of her.

"...In other news, a Mitsuhama Computer Technologies subsidiary building in Tacoma burned down last night. Fire department investigators have determined the basement was covered in accelerant before being lit ablaze in an intentional act of arson. The subsidiary, Tartarus Risk Management Services Incorporated, was known to be in financial ruin, leading some to speculate this was a deliberate act of insurance fraud."

The camera cuts to a building on fire against the night sky as a team of firefighters attempt to put it out.

"Sources say the fire suppression systems mysteriously malfunctioned, maximizing damage to the building. Little evidence was left in the wake of the fire, though MCT forensic examiners believe a third party may have been involved, due to a large number of melted bullet casings. Furthermore, the basement server closet was destroyed, erasing footage from the security cameras. According to MCT press representatives, an investigation is ongoing, and no further comment will be offered at this time."