The Secret of Mirage Island

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I know people are always going on about Mirage Island, but I found it. I know what's inside. It's a Four Oyabun host where data about MCT's dirty deeds can be found. Presumably its intermittent disappearing is the result of some security protocol designed to protect the data. I won't say how I came across this information, but a file recovered inside, for example, has the personal information of several technomancers operating in the Pacific Northwest along with listed bounties. I know it isn't much of a surprise that MCT is hunting technomancers, but the fact that they're doing so illegally outside their extraterritorial property through the Four Oyabun sheds some light on their standard operating procedure. If you're a technomancer, beware the Four Oyabun. -c1ph3r

pff, mirage island. it was never real, omae. sure, maybe you stumbled on something big and scary but mct hunts technos? what else is new? no one's gonna pay for this data -VAP0RW4VE

I know some people who might. -Timecode

Too fragging bad, slothead. You'll have to pry it from my cold, dead hands. -c1ph3r

Threaten me with a good time, why don't you? -Timecode

Shutting down this posturing before it gets out of hand. -nuclear_throne (MODERATOR)