Hast Thou Considered the Tetrapod?

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Hast Thou Considered the Tetrapod?
Part of Crouching Dragon, Hidden Tiger
Result Successful extraction.
Factions Involved
Night Claws
Mitsuhama Computer Technologies Corpsec
Casualties and losses
None 8 Corpsec Officers


A technomancer is being held in captivity in a low-security MCT subsidiary building. A mysterious technomancer group hires the team to extract her before she is moved to a higher-security facility.


After the events of Mirage Island, members of NCL School for the Gifted gathered the data for analysis. On the list were five technomancers in the Pacific Northwest wanted by MCT, one of whom was listed as captured. Scarlet of the Red Children mysteriously posted a job about this before the file was analyzed.

The Meet

The runners met with Scarlet in a private room in E-Wasted, where she explained that time was short before Monique Gray, the captured technomancer would be transferred to a high-security MCT building elsewhere in the city. Little was known about where exactly Gray was, but the file recovered from Mirage Island mentioned a missing persons report and included a physical description. Ranger talked Scarlet up to 6,000¥ each, after which the team left E-Wasted to begin their legwork.

The Plan

The missing persons report was tied to a news article describing where a mass shooting took place in Puyallup, killing twelve civilians before a Knight-Errant team broke up the fight. Night Claws was able to determine that a backroom deal had been made between KE and a fixer of unknown affiliation, though the others were able to determine that someone in a suit had been seen taking an injured person into an unmarked car that headed for a bar in Renton named "The Dirt." Ranger and Decoy identify the bar as a regular hangout of metaracist neighborhood watch gangs in the area.

The Run

After bribing the bartender, Ranger is able to get an audience with the fixer, whose name is Toshiko Johnson. Decoy tries to sweet-talk her, but fails to pierce her businesslike exterior; Ranger comes in to save the day by negotiating payment for the location of the facility where Monique Gray was being held. Night Claws searches for information about the facility, finding it to be owned by one Tartarus Risk Management Services Incorporated, a formerly A-rated security corp that nearly went bankrupt before being bought out by MCT in its rise to the top. He also pulls up floor plans.

After hacking the security system on an exterior window and using the floor plans to navigate a route down to what looked like holding cells in the basement, the team gets a call from a mysterious number offering an additional 4,000¥ if they destroyed as much as they possibly could before leaving. The team decided to take the offer, sabotaging the fire suppression system before easily mowing down the corpsec, extracting all prisoners they found on-site, and dousing everything in gasoline to set it ablaze. Night Claws had to contend with a security decker, but his fault sprite managed to win after taking a solid hit. Decoy had his Roadmaster launch high-explosive grenades at the top floor to clear out any resistance long enough for them to escape out the front door and speed off into the night.


Both the client and the mystery caller were pleased with their results. Payment was given as offered, and Night Claws was given an icon to a mysterious host referred to as "the Court of the Crimson King."


  • 6,000¥
  • 4,000¥ bonus
  • 2 Karma

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Kani: Not often that we receive offers beyond what was originally agreed upon, especially mid run, but... We didn't have to go far out of our way to accomplish the mission, so I don't see anything wrong with picking up a bonus. We got the prisoners out and pointed in a safe direction, and returned Mrs. Gray to where she could be free. For the time being, at least.