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Part of Crouching Dragon, Hidden Tiger
GMMach Ten
LocationBainbridge Island, Seattle
Factions Involved
MCT Corpsec
MCT Recon chopper
Casualties and losses


Johnson needs the team to 'return' a lost asset, without telling the team that she is the subject of Renraku experiments. The asset has tried to defect to KRIME but MCT and Renraku have other plans.

The Meet

Pier 69 on the edge of the Puget Sound, beneath the shadow of the ACHE, KRIME boss Mister Johnson offers to pay extremely well if the team can locate and retrieve a missing asset.

Last seen heading from a Renraku subsidiary (Silicon Technologies) in a KRIME operating smuggling vessel past Bainbridge island (Wholly owned by MCT)

The Plan

Hire a boat, head out into the dark waters and locate the smuggler vessel

The Run

After a bunch of naval mines and MCT patrol choppers evaded, the team finds the wreck and starts exploring. Just dead bodies and a vacant cell. They move onto a set of abandoned cabins farther up the island. Exploring finds something that hisses and attacks. The team disables it but not before realizing someone tried to hack them out where there's near zero matrix presence. Putting two and two together, they take the probable techno critter down to the shoreline after drones draw away the chopper.


Sharkpedo across the sound, deliver package to very surprised Johnson who has his heavies cart it away.


20,000 Nuyen

+6 Karma

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


So yeah, I've been out of the business for awhile doing, well, none of y'alls business, frankly. We get the call for what was a counter-extraction. The Johnson mentioned the target wanted to come back but who knows. The target location is across the sound, someone gets a smuggler contact to get us a day trip boat. There is some insistence on turning into giant sharks and swimming across. I'm not in the mood for this so I stay on the boat. We get there and find the wreck of what is probably the first extraction team, alongside some honest-to-god sea mines there for some reason. The nerds figure out a way past them and we're on shore, and exploring the wreck. A few floaters and an open prison cell that clearly had seen a recent breakout. Time to move on. Its determined the next spot to check out is up a cliff. I'm excited because I finally get to do something. Me and this...fuzzy cat person move into this cluster of old run down shacks and she smells something in one of them. We go up, she calls the extraction target's name after hearing something behind a closed door and gets a giant hiss in return. I got my blade out now while fuzzy tries the door and this thing jumps out and tries to bite her. I got no real comparison except if a feral ghoul had deep sea monster glowy bits but thankfully still metahuman nails and teeth.I give it a good stick and punt it and get it subdued. At this point, my comlink starts getting a hack attempt, here, out in the middle a near matrix dead zone. Putting A and B together (hey, I can do it when I need to), I turn my comm off and stomp on the thing a little harder under the hack stops.

Meanwhile there's been (I was informed an MCT) chopper overhead looking for us, but the nerds played catch-me-if-you-can with their drones and led them off. We frogmarch the thing down to the shore where some...thing involving giant sharks and spirit powers happen and we're across the sound in like 30 seconds. The second the thing gets back into Seattle proper it goes bugnuts, and we deliver it to the Johnson and its literally tearing its joints out of the sockets to try to get loose while I keep it on the ground. He calls a paddywagon (I take some time to remind my fellow runners of how this name is a reference to the oppression my Irish ancestors suffered coming to America 200 years ago) and his goons load it up. Payday secure.

The Johnson seemed super surprised by it, so I'm really hoping we didn't just grab a random monster that happened to be there and forgot the actual target. Oops.

Postscript: Later I'm talking on the chatroom and mentioned the incident. I was deeply disturbed by whatever it was and kept the rag I cleaned my blade with in a forensic evidence back in a flash-freezer. (Worth every penny, real steaks and fruits/veggies taste like mushy, flavorless garbage if you slow freeze them. Something to do with ice crystals rupturing the cells and letting all the flavor out, or something) Some of the other folks, by the name of Purkinje and Mishima, get interested. I tell them what happened, and get informed to take the sample to the former for analysis. Turns out it ain't HMHVV but it is suffering organ failure. Might offer to help because now I'm curious.