Bloody Shoals

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Bloody Shoals
Part of Nightmare Mode
LocationAleutian Islands, Alaska
Factions Involved
Mission Control
Roadkill (Inactive)
Ares Macrotechnology


Mars, Mission Control, Kani and Roadkill embark from Seattle to the Aleutian Islands to ensure Ares' secret project never sees the light of day, destroying an Ares Black Research ship and killing the Loup-Garou Bug hybrids onboard.


All over the news is the story of a Ares ship that had crashed on the shore of the Alaskan panhandle. Ares wouldn't let anyone touch it, but Firebreak had an inkling as to what was on the ship and hired out runners from Shadowhaven to take on a mission to ensure whatever was on the ship never left.

The Meet

The group was set to meet up at a bar frequented by Ex-Ares employees. The first to arrive on scene was Mars, arriving thirty minutes early. While not raising much question from patrons, they still took to their robotic ways and stood off to the side of the door, waiting instruction. Not soon after Roadkill arrived, and took Mars to a table to act like a human being. After showing them the joys of soywiesser, the rest of the team arrived, along with the Johnson. They all gathered their gear and joined the Johnson in a GMC Sidewinder. The Johnson, a Mr. J, set the team with their mission. They wanted to know what Ares was hiding in the ship that had run aground in Alaska and make sure it was dead. They also were given option objective of gathering the data of the ship's black box. To this end, they were also supposed to gather evidence in the ship's research lab. After that, they'd need to call extraction and get the hell out. Along with these they were required to wear body cams to capture footage of the operation. They were loaded onto an old greyhawk plane and flew all the way to Alaska to a fire base the group had set up. During this flight the team had learned the group were known as "Firebreak".

The Plan

Due to the lack of information, the group didn't have much of a plan for the operation. They knew the research vessel had it's search station in the stern of the ship, so that's where they'd deploy. Afterwards, they figured they'd run it like a smash and grab. Afterwards they'd take cover in the lab and fight from inside there.

The Run

At the firebase, the crew were then loaded onto a Osprey to fastrope down onto the Ares research ship. After two of the four members fumbling their fastrope decent, the team regrouped themselves in a military fashion and began by making their way into the ship via it's surface hatch. They found the hatch was welded shut, so MC use his smart acids to burn through the welding and open the hatch. The team descended into the ship, and entered a room a research lab to find the entire room filled with corpses, and to see that they held test containers holding Ares Alpha bugs that were torn to shreds. This concerned the squad and they decided to move keep mobile. Moving down the ship they then hear something on the other side of a bulkhead, and stack up on the door. Looking in via tie-cam they see the first of their enemies, a Loup-Garou mixed with a bug. It had spotted them and moved towards their position. Mars took the initiative and threw open the door only to come face to face with the creature, and moved back to avoid melee combat. she fired AP rounds that seemed to not have made much an impact against the creature. It proceeded to pick up a chuck of the ship and hurl it at Mars. It bounced off her armor mostly, and the Loup-Bug ran away into another bulkhead and called for back-up which the other Loup-Garou responded. The group pursued the Loup-Bug to find there was another in the room it had run into. Mars launched a grenade into the room to to have it caught by the second Loup-Bug, it being an Adept. It hurled it back, barely missing Mars and sailing between her teammates, who dove to safety before it blew. Immediately after, behind them two more arrived. The team was caught in the middle, finding their firepower lacking against the Loup-Bug's hide. That's when they noticed that one of the Loup-Bugs had a sniper rifle, and had it trained at MC who was commanding the team. It fired, intending to hit MC but Mars dove into the line of fire and took the shot, nearly dying in the process. They would've fallen unconscious if they weren't using combat drugs. Still, MC took a hit after from a bug with a throwing knife. Kani and Roadkill laid fire into the beefy Troll Loup-Bug that had arrived, and dodge their attacks as Mars proceeded to conduct suppressing fire to drive the one in the back away. The two up front manage to hit MC hard to the ground, but still being awake he called for combined fire on the commander Loup-Bug. The large one went to put a stop to this, but Kani intercepted it and blew off it's leg. The team all fired their weapons at the commander's mouth, and blew it's head off. The large one tried yet again to finish off MC but Kani ensured that didn't happen with a single shot to the dome.

The other two were not gone yet, as a sniper round flew down from the ceiling and hit Kani. And the one with the throwing knives was still active. Mars took the moment to stand, and grab MC and drag him to where they inserted. Roadkill followed as Kani fired and took down the sniper with her rifle. Then the Loup-Bug with the knives drew an axe, and downed Kani entirely. Roadkill and MC fired and grabbed it's attention as it moved forward and striked at Roadkill, with MC throwing smart corrosives on it.. This gave Kani enough time to regenerate and fire another heavy blow to the remaining Loup-Bug. It once again began to attack Kani, downing her once more. Mars took this opportunity to move MC to safety, before throwing an apple at it to distract it briefly. It took the bait, thinking it's a grenade, and hurled it back at Mars to no effect. It proceeded to wail on Kani, even being down to sure her death. But, during this the Loup-Bug had simply... Died. The corrosives had taken their toll on the creature and killed it.


The party was able to acquire all the optional objectives for the run. Then afterwards they set grenades at strategic locations around the ship to ensure it's ordnance went off and destroyed the entire thing. The party then called evac and made their way back home with the Johnson.


28000 Nuyen and 2 Karma, 2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Mars - This was a challenging operation, but I'm glad to have made allies with similar goals. Seeing what Ares has been up to is very eye opening as to the condition. Everyone except Roadhog took considerable damage from this operation. I advise a warning to any Runners who engage with Ares experiments, they are often quite smart and skilled. These ones in particular were also adepts, and us lacking magical support put our team on the back foot. Still, they are susceptible to suppressing fire and combat tactics. Just ensure you are not being surrounded.