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Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Disassemblerrs


Le Sommelier is looking for a warehouse on the docks that was once used for bootlegging and needs some runners to get it done


Bannerette, Geilrid, and Oathbane are interrupted their peaceful 5 o clock to get to Auburn for a meeting at a winery

The Meet

Le Sommelier offers wine to the runners and negotiates that they are to clear a warehouse and find the bootlegging tunnels for him for 20K, which the runners handily accept without question and he informs them that he'd have paid 25K, which they still take in stride.

The Plan

The plan is to fill the place with Neurostun, walk in with chemseal and throw the gangers away before finding the tunnels and leaving.

The Run

Geilrid snuck past the air spirit and got the lay of the land after Oathbane searched up the blueprints. Bannerette snuck around and clocked the snipers, allowing Oathbane to see their biomonitors. She entered and snapped the host over her knee, getting control of the HVAC to equally distribute the gas that Bannerette fired into the HVAC. She found the secret doors and got their locations. The snipers started to panic after everyone below started to freak out. They slid down the ladders and the party engaged with them, defeating them handily. Over the next few minutes they piled unconscious orks into a car and drove them off.

The next wave drove on up, and were shown to be all bluster and bravado as Bannettee blasted the technical gunner, suppressed the team and Oathbane controlled the car they came in to kill and run over most of the wave. And her drone finished off the group adept as he and the lieutenant tried to climb the building. His remaining goons ran and he was jumped by the party.


The gang was pushed out and the warehouse secured.


20K Nuyen 10 Karma 2 CDP

Geilrid can take Witness my hate for 14 GMP worth

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


This was a fun mission. We gassed an HVAC system like it was 1917, and we laid absolute waste to a bunch of seriously overconfident goons. Talk about all bark, or maybe my bite is just that nasty 💪😎. Even bodied one guy off the roof, like that old flatvid about ancient sparta. More things to talk to sir cuddles about when I get home... speaking of which, I need to remember to drop by the butchers before I leave the city.


always fun having my time playing around on the matrix, getting the layout of everything, and dealing with fools. who are not ready to know, that the world is collected. hacking into a car and using it as a weapon to bring down a group of them.