Break, Them, Down

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Break, Them, Down
LocationPuyallup and Tacoma
Result The Team extracts Enduring Resistance member Bass for a conversation with, Cory Delgado, who is able to mentally break him and cause his suicide.
Factions Involved
Horizon Enduring Resistance
Commanders and leaders
Casualties and losses
None None


Horizon wants to redirect the youthful energy of Mr.William aka Base, elsewhere.


Plumo, Peacemaker, and Maddox join Mr. Delgado at a local California Pizza Kitchen. After everyone is seated and comfortable Mr. Delagado approaches the table and lays the business deal out to the runners. In exchange for 32,000 nuyen, the shadowrunners are to bring in Base to a location specified by the Johnson. There is another 8,000 nuyen available if there is no violence involved. Mr. Delagdo makes it clear Base is not to be harmed.


The team heads to Puyallup where Base and his band of Enduring Resistance member are holed up in an abandoned warehouse. Plumo takes point on top of another warehouse keeping watching for Base return. Base returns for the evening to eat and sleep. Sometime in the morning, the next day Base leaves the safety of the warehouse. Plumo begins to follow the van the target is riding in. Unfortunately, the driver picks up that he's is getting followed. They call for reinforcements, another runner team, Peacemaker takes off in a dash and does battle with the other runner team while Plumo continues to chase after the van with Base inside it. In the ensuing mayhem, Plumo's vehicle is ruined and Peacemaker comes and picks him up in her truck. They return to Puyallup and await Base's return. This time the runners wait for everyone to sleep. Maddox then makes Peacemaker invisible, she has a grenade filled with Neuro-stun VIII. She stealthily makes her way into the warehouse and releases the gas. Unfortunately, the guards outside are alerted when the biomonitors of everyone inside goes off. Peacemaker pickups Base' body and takes off out the back. She is about to make it home free when two spirits of man appear to defend Base. They begin to shoot Peacemaker with stunbolts. Maddox tries to erect a mana barrier to prevent the two spirits of man from chasing after Peacemaker, but they were able to break through. Because they had manifested into the physical world they received some well-placed fists to the face by Peacemaker. Plumo quickly dispatched the two guards non-lethally and turned his sights onto the spirits of man. They had managed to bring Peacemaker down, but they would not live long enough to retrieve Base. Plumo's sniper rifle armed with APDS rang out and the two spirits were sent back to the plane of man. Maddox commanded his car to where Peacemaker and Base were. With Base secured and Peacemaker revived the whole gang makes their way to a restaurant on the pier. There Base is turned over to the J. After an hour Base returns and the team is instructed to take Base back to his warehouse.


Mr. Williams ends up committing suicide, Horizon gets ??? and the runners are paid 32,000 nuyen.


32000 nuyen, 2 Karma, +3 Rep, Horizon, -3 Enduring Resistance

Player AARs


WFTP 20,000 nuyen > 5 karma