Bring Da Ruckus

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Bring Da Ruckus
LocationEnd of the Earth, Puyallup-Tacoma line.
Maser Industrial Electronics Lab, Pike's Place.
Result Successful theft of industrial purpose tritium bouillon from a Maser Industrial Electronics transport.
Factions Involved
The Cook
Astrid Grave WLKR
Maser Industrial Electronics
Centurion Security
Casualties and losses
None 28 Centurion Security


The Cook, a notorious and well connected kingpin in the Emerald Sprawl, decided to make millions by entering a popular market, deep sea salvage, but in a new way, with industrial purpose tritium. How that's helpful is unclear, but everyone understands nuyen, so when he called upon some of his best assets to acquire him some, they didn't have much in the way of objections.


The meet was a tense one, a false, hollow imitation of warmth, filled with jackal smiles and red hand shakes. The Cook met Xianyang and 5n0w at the End of the Earth club (Grave Walker arrived late, although none of The Cook's men would utter a word of criticism to her.) and he treated his employees to a pleasant dinner of buffalo wings while explaining to them in a chilling, inhuman tone their objective: intercept a Maser Industrial Electronics transport truck in Seattle, carrying a shipment of industrial use tritium bullion, and bring the contents to The Cook's safe house in Redmond.


The team quickly figured this would be a milk run. 5n0w set up and began surfing the local grid for any way to pivot onto one of Centurion's systems, and after wrecking the emerald city representation with her ice giant avatar, crashing gates, cracking open secured hosts, and stomping any IC in her way, she found the shipment of tritium they wanted. While she was jacked in, Xianyang and Grave Walker called up some smugglers and black market fences they knew through The Cook, and loaded up for a hit on Centurion. Xianyang carried an AK-97 on him, and grabbed as many magazines as he could stuff in his pockets, while Grave Walker, who's arsenal was far more extensive, grabbed munitions belts for her RPK, Ingram Smartguns, several grenades, and dropped some phat nuyen to rent a MRL missile launcher. Lastly, they borrowed one of his smuggler's vans to move the bars of tritium, and once they got the word from 5n0w, they got ready and rolled out through the mid-night downpour to perform their blitz play.

The caravan was easy to stop. 5n0w used her back door into the transport truck's on-board GridGuide link to force a stop, causing the last three cars in the caravan to pile up. Grave Walker and Xianyang parked by the crashed transport truck, and he began opening fire on the disoriented Centurion agents while Grave Walker planted explosives on the back door of the truck. They stepped back and blew the doors, killing a security agent in the back, and revealing several more in pain. As Xianyang gunned down the dazed guards, Grave Walker began trading shots with those from the front of the caravan. Bullets bounced off her plated chrome and armored jacket, but some did rip through her grey skin and orthoskin. She told Xianyang to get down as she fired a rocket at one of the vehicles acting as cover for the security agents. Two from the front of the truck got out, hands in the air, and fell to their knees to plead for their lives. Xianyang forced them against the truck and then turned to help Grave Walker fight off the agents. Stray shots killed numerous panicking bystanders as they scrambled to flee, and Grave Walker fell to her injuries, although true to her name, she sat up, alive, despite her injuries. 5n0w hid in the van, firing off pot-shots when she could, but staying out of harm's way as much as possible. Eventually, the bullets stopped flying, and the team was left standing, waiting for a police response. Knowing they had little time, they began loading the bars into the van.

Xianyang quickly decides to execute the first of the two human women from the front of the truck, although the second was quick to offer fellatio in exchange for her life. He accepted, leaving a distressed Grave Walker to move the bars with the help of the frightened 5n0w. After finishing, Xianyang put emptied three shots into the human woman's face to ensure no one could ID them down the line, then turned to help Grave Walker load the rest of the bars, a task made easier with his brutish strength. They quickly got in and sped away towards Redmond as Knight Errant closed in on the battleground. Grave Walker and 5n0w laid in the back, on the benches beside the pile of bars, getting medical work done by an automated doctor based out of a high end doctor's bag. Xianyang drove the van around, dodging main roads and breaking traffic laws when possible, to get to Redmond ASAP. Miraculously, he dodged the heat and dropped the van at The Cook's safehouse. The team was given their pay, and were told to await another call from The Cook. As they left, they were told to keep a lower profile, since a cut of their pay was going to grease the palms of The Cook's contacts in the police forces.


The team rested in The Cook's Redmond safehouse with their credsticks, wanting to go out buying in Seattle, but knowing it was wiser to stay put until The Cook called them for their next run. In the meantime, they protected the tritium while engaging in bar-games with the others in the safehouse.


Player Characters

6 Karma, 17,000 Nuyen, +2 Reputation with The Cook.