Bug Notice

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Bug Notice
LocationSeattle (mostly renton)
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
Cassandra Withers
Insect Spirits
2x F7 Roach Spirit
2x F6 Roach Spirit
Insect Shaman
Casualties and losses
A civilian named Paige Armstrong All of the above
Bannerette's initiation run for IG1


Bannerette and Swerve were called given a job by their respective fixers, and met with Cassandra Withers and the rest of her FBI team in a parking garage in bellevue. They were both chosen for their past experiences with insect spirits, and consequently were given 1 week (with the requirement of some progress after 3 days) to find and eliminate a small but growing hive of insect spirits. They went to the given location, a trade school in renton, and did a lot of recon before identifying one of the bugs. They followed some leads, but ultimately ended up getting the information they needed from a toxic spirit in a dump across the street from the school in exchange for a... questionable favor. They raided the house with insecticide gas grenades and ultimately killed the shaman and all spirits. They found the body of a young woman named Paige Armstrong who had gone missing in a cocoon in the bug shaman's house, stone dead after the shaman's lodge had been destroyed.


The FBI got word of a Bug Hive cropping up in Renton. Too busy to handle the case themselves, and concerned about potential information leakage by going directly through Knight Errant, they contracted two runners with previous experience related to insect spirits.

The Meet

The runner duo both went to the meet early, and had a very engaging conversation about medieval history until the FBI team showed up, led by Cassandra Withers who acted as the J for the run. The FBI team were all heavily wared up, however Swerve managed to assense Cassandra through her masking and discover she was really a massive mantis spirit in disguise. Bannerette, however, remained entirely unaware of this fact. The location of a small, but growing, bug nest was given to the team. The timeline and payment was discussed after the briefing. Cassandra made a comment to Bannerette, a former member of the UCAS military and still an official citizen, about her charging for the service. Bannerette left the meet wishing she had spoken up about why she needed to charge as a consequence of getting left in the cold by her country, and Swerve left thinking about how the Mrs. J from the FBI was a mantis spirit, though she was able to maintain her composure. While Swerve had previously killed insect spirits, which was her relevant experience, Bannerette was chosen because she was among UCAS forces present at the 2055 Bug City incident in Chicago.

The Plan

The plan was simple and straight forward. Find the bugs and kill them, making sure to pop the shaman as well.

The Run

The banshee and the ex-marine started out by placing a few calls, gathering preliminary information, and collecting a few bits of gear. After staking out the school for an extended period of time while performing matrix searches, they found a suspicious character. A janitor particularly interested in the trash. In the long hours of the stakeout, Bannerette also learned that Swerve was a banshee, and the team learned about a young woman named Paige Armstrong who had gone missing. They followed the suspicious character all the way to his house. After surveillance from a distance didn't yield and results, Bannerette approached the home to try to get a peek inside. Without finding much, she pulled back to follow the general strategy of recon first, action later. Bannerette spent the next while in daylight hours surveilling the school alone, with a brief break to meet with swerve and a conspiracy theorist alone. The conspiracy theorist had lots of... interesting things to say, and after meeting with him Bannerette continued physical surveillance while Swerve waited until the evening hours to return. After the sun went down, they investigated the dump, which was ripe with background count. They eventually ran into a toxic spirit who was willing to trade information in exchange for some mild toxic waste spreading. With chem seals activated, the duo begrudgingly abided, and got the names of home base of the insect spirits (roaches) from the nameless toxic earth spirit. After giving a progress report to the J, the team drove to the location. Chem seals active once again, they broke down the barrier with a chuck and charge entry and filled the house with insecticide. Magic flashed, Bullets ripped through the air, fire spirits roared, and blades ran through air. By the end of it, all the spirits and the shaman were dead and Bannerette only suffered light wounds.


Upon searching the house, the body of Paige Armstrong was found dead after the shaman's lodge was destroyed.


14k nuyen - 7 RVP
Cassandra Withers at 8/2 OR 18 CDP - 9 RVP
Bannerette: IG 1 Discount

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


This is the first run I've done with so small a team, though maybe I'm getting better at this work, since this is the first time in awhile I was only mildly injured. It's a horrible shame what happened to Paige, and I can't help but feel a twang of guilt over it. It's been 28 years since I lost my whole family to bugs, but I havent really once talked about it. Yet on this run, I spilled my guts to someone who was basically a stranger, and now I can't stop thinking about it. It's been nearly 3 decades and I'm still angry, I'm still grief stricken, and maybe it wouldn't be such a bad thing to look for some revenge. I've certainly got a lot to think about... and a lot to clean, Christ alive, where am I gonna put 200 pounds of cat food.