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Character Development Points

Contacts can be purchased and upgraded via CDP, a new system that encourages story-driven character growth outside of core competencies. CDP (Character Development Points) are a new run reward separate from RVP. It can be used with GM permission to upgrade knowledge skills and buy or upgrade contacts. It may not be used for any other purpose. GMs should feel free to suggest CDP expenditures to reflect lessons learned and contacts made during a run. Players can work together and contribute CDP to a public contact to globally boost that contact’s Connection Rating. For the purposes of awarding contacts on a run at GM discretion, the GM may convert RVP from the run rewards into CDP at an exchange rate of 1 RVP = 2 CDP. This may be used for Buying Contacts or Upgrading Contacts in accordance with the Contact Rules.

Players will receive 2 CDP per run, this can be increased with Thematics approval for low payout (for example hooding) or failed runs.

In addition to contacts, CDP can be spent on knowledge skills, at a rate equivalent to karma. They do not count as career karma.