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Player run rewards are measured in RVP (Reward Value Points). They can be converted to

  • 2,000 nuyen
  • 4,000 nuyen worth of gear, if an NPC has the ability to obtain it at severe discount
    • Giving out gear above Availability 19 requires approval from Thematics
    • Players may use GMP at a rate of 1 GMP to 2000 nuyen to supplement this, which is not subject to the RVP cap. Note that Thematics must still approve items above availability 19
  • 4000 nuyen in cost of lifestyle modification
  • 1 karma
  • 2 CDP
  • 1 karma of positive qualities adequately roleplayed for (i.e. at chargen cost if it's a run reward)
  • 1 Street Cred (max of 1 per run)
  • 1 Connection or 1 Loyalty for a new contact gained that run minus 1 (i.e. 6 RVP for a 4/3 contact)
    • Contacts rewarded can be public or private, but they must be shared (if Connection changes or it dies for one character, it does for all the others who have it)
    • Contacts above Connection 6 require approval of the Thematics Department

For Mundane Ascensions, the player converts 1 RVP each into up to 5 of the following (Each can be taken multiple times):

  • 5 karma towards a skill or martial art
  • 20k nuyen towards non-ware (You may bank this across multiple ascensions)
  • 6 karma towards qualities at post-gen price
  • 4 karma towards Edge
  • 10k nuyen towards 'ware (you may bank this across multiple ascensions)
  • +20 Faction Rep

Additionally, runs may award faction rep as per RAW rules (generally 1-2 per run) and this doesn't count against RVP. The chance for an Awakened or Emerged character to purchase deltaware may be used as a Run Reward for Semi-Prime or Prime runs. This takes up 15 RVP and must be approved by a member of the Thematics Team. For awakened or emerged PCs with the Regeneration critter power, this takes up 30 RVP and must be approved by a member of the Thematics Team.