Candlemas Run

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Candlemas Run
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
St. Monica's Catholic Church
White Resistance
Casualties and losses
Energizer (KO) All


The team was hired to stop a group of white supremacists from doing damage to the church or it's parishioners.


Reverand Newton got wind that the White Resistance was going to be hitting the church on Candlemas, during mass, and hired the team to put a stop to it.

The Meet

The meet was pretty straightforward, the team getting shown the intel that Rev. Newton had gotten. Payment was offered and quickly accepted.

The Plan

Energizer would try to get metadata off of the video that they'd been shown and cause what trouble she could, and the others would attempt to sabotage the supremacists en route, and set up defensive fortifications to protect the Church.

The Run

The technobunny successfully got the metadata from the vid, and was able to trace it to a trailer park with around 250 people living there. Obviously, not all were their target demographic, so they needed to narrow their search even further. Between Energizer and Ace, they were able to find the White Resistance's host, with both making an account. Which went fine for Ace, but Energizer got a little sloppy and failed to completely prevent them finding out she was a SURGE. That, however, didn't stop her from pushing her luck. She managed to break into the approved members only area of the Host, and while she was quickly found and driven off, she was able to get a little bit of intel, that led to more... Until she pushed her luck a little bit too hard, and wound up eating a dataspike and losing consciousness, in exchange for the exact location of one of the Supremacists.

This led to Ace being able to perfectly predict the time of arrival of the assault goons, as well as determining their method of transportation. A bus, which was quickly rigged to explode by Skimmer, before the group retreated back to the church to continue preparations. Ace, Skimmer, and Rougarou managed to destroy the bus completely, eliminating a dozen of the opfor in one fell swoop, before they turned their attention to the snipers that had set up about 1000 meters away. The runners managed to make rather quick work of them, between melee fighting, and long range assault cannon fire, leaving the White Resistance's attempted assault an abject failure.


Church saved, Mr. Johnson very pleased with the work they put in.


  • 4k nuyen - 2 RVP (can WFTP this)
  • 7 karma - 7 RVP
  • Rev._Toby_Newton (Connection 3) at Loyalty 3 - 5 RVP
  • 6 CDP - 2 RVP
  • Rougarou: Can buy off Prejudiced: Orcs at base price

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


"It's always a pleasure doing the Lord's work, and saving the Reverend's church and parishioners was a blessing. It seems a shame that so many white supremacists had to die, but progress is progress. My wife Dorothea will be pleased at the payment, and I truly feel blessed after completing this job. Sometimes the Lord shows his wrath, and I am the instrument of his teachings."


The lord knows I carry a heavy weight upon my heart and mind, thinking back to someone I lost in the past. but it is time I finally walk away from that hate that is blinding me from the good I could be doing. for what is a sword of god, who would not start for all of his people....i have a lot to atone for. but my work is not done.