Castle Crash

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Castle Crash
Part of Festering Infestation
LocationGermany, Hamburg
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
Black Lodge
Shiawase Hell's Angels
Dr. Lollipop
Imperial Kami Services


Another one of Garry Foreman's runaway experiments is found.


After the curious case of Foreman's Fired several individuals and the Draco Foundation looked into the missing two experiments with the project titles 'Geronimo' and 'Cu Chulainn.'

She's not a drake, surprisingly!

A mundane elf wearing a hoodie is in one of Draco Foundation's Seattle buildings' break room drinking genuine coffee with shadowrunners. Not the usual kind of meeting, but she offers transportation to Germany. A castle that shouldn't exist appeared several decades ago and has been dated to be centuries old -- it's there that they suspect one of these escaped experiments has stowed away to. The J offers higher rewards if neither S-K nor Shiawase, who appear to also have sniffed out the experiment's trail, are any wiser of Draco Foundation's involvement. The team agrees, although warily.

So you go to Germany and...

The team arrives at the more anarchist North-Eastern part of Germany. Thankfully, this means they're under the radar for now. Unfortunately, renting a vehicle of any sorts leaves a trail, so they look for options. They find -one- trailer that is not GridLinked and it's so revolting nobody wants to be involved. Instead, they take a quick trip to one of the Hell's Angels' chapter houses some distance away. Fighting to earn some respect against a member called Silverback, Sasha earns some degree of appreciation and lets Zenith and Babylon talk to the local dealer. They manage to strike a deal about a vehicle, an armored corporate transport they've repurposed for their own uses. Naturally, it's only on loan, but it's enough to get them to the castle.

Doing the actual op!

Once night falls, the team's all prepared and heads to the castle. They discover with a quick drone sweep (thanks Lollipop!) that there's two very experienced snipers in one of the tower keeps providing overwatch to boots on the ground. Shiawase is here, most likely without S-K's knowledge. The team sneaks in through the main gate, using a wall for concealment to avoid being spotted by the snipers. With magical aid, they get past some of the exposed terrain and indoors where more skulking is required. Zenith checks a trapped hatch and automated sentry turrets leading to the snipers' nest, but leaves it alone for now.

And then they bump into spirits. A lot of spirits, dressed like soldiers of Yami from Shinto mythology. An entire cadre of conjurers must be involved in this operation given their sheer numbers. They march in perfect formation, patrolling the castle in search of the target or intruders, whichever's seen first. In one of the stables, the team finds an odd presence, as if something was being hidden from them. Further tracking from Zenith's senses reveals a hidden entrance disguised with a powerful Illusion spell. They descend into a very narrow passageway, emerging in the castle basement. Unfortunately, while they find the target, hiding behind what looks like a ward, the Shiawase special ops arrive to search the basement at the same time.

Babylon and Zenith pull off a risky maneuver; Lollipop detected two camouflaged assassin drones on the ceiling's corners, so Babylon casts two simultaneous illusionary spells to conceal their movement. Zenith sleazes past the mana barrier, drags the target with him after some convincing and escapes down the secret tunnel while Babylon drops the spells from a safe distance. Extraction is smoother than it was last time, so long as they avoid sniper sightlines and the marching army of spirits -- extraction to the Hell's Angels chapter house is in order first. While there, someone hands Babylon and Zenith a small book, the last page of which has a hidden message by someone. "They have a seer. you've been compromised." Panicking from this revelation, the team's extraction from their lodgings and into the Draco Foundation's transportation is of utmost importance. Thankfully, they succeed!


The bizarre living experiment of Foreman's is acquired by Draco Foundation. Shiawase may be aware they were intercepted, but do not have much in the way of evidence. His evils are being corrected one step at a time!


  • 50,000 Nuyen
  • 4 CDP
  • 2 Draco Foundation Reputation
  • For Babylon: Hanover Hell's Angels Harley Davidson Nightmare w/ Speed Enhancement R1, Luxury Amenities & Nanomaintenance System R3 (57,000 Nuyen, gear rates means 28.5k Nuyen out of the nuyen rewards)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


"That was a strong contender for the most sneaking I've ever had to do. It was really stressful but also fun, like being in a thriller trid. I especially had fun at the arena before we had to start being sneaky. The gorilla man really put up a good fight and got my blood pumping. I'm scared to find out what on earth was in that cocktail they made me drink afterwards though... That drek was this close to instantly knocking me the frag out. I was lucky we had a doctor with us to fix me up."

Dr. Lollipop

I didn't have to fire a shot. That was a really cool run and in the AGS at that. I almost felt at home. However, I have never liked Hamburg. In the future, however, I must not lose sight of the others. Sasha came out of the bar in a pretty bad state. The others had assured me that everything would run smoothly there.