Cat Outta Hell

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Cat Outta Hell
LocationOrk Underground, Seattle Metroplex
Status Threat Level: Low
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Cat Shenanigans
Lil' Boomer


In which the runners are hired to track down a lost cat.

The Meet

The team are contacted individually by their fixers and told to meet at a talismonger shop in the OU owned by one "Madame Wickerbottom"; everyone manages to arrive without issue, and after marveling over the curiosities in the shop for a bit they are met by the proprietor, a wizened old goblin in a wheelchair snacking on eyeballs. Only slightly put-off, they ask what she needs of them, and she says that she wants them to find her dear kitty Mrs. Ribcrack who's been missing for the last few days - oh, and Mrs. Ribcrack just so happens to be a Blackberry cat, a particularly intelligent paracritter with a knack for evading pursuit.

The Plan

While Spider and Delphi do hallucinogens together, Shine and Lil' Boomer ask Madame Wickerbottom about Mrs. Ribcrack's habits and favorite haunts, and are told about where she likes to go when she's out (including a nearby petshop). They decide to start there.

The Run

Heading to the pet shop, the two hallucinating people proceed to make asses of themselves while Lil' Boomer (who decides to try cat treats and ends up vomiting due to ghoul-ness) and Shine question the proprietor. They learn that Mrs. Ribcrack and some other neighborhood cats occasionally come by to mooch treats or catnip, and that there's a room in the back where they sometimes like to lounge. Spider hacks the cameras and determines that Mrs. Ribcrack was here recently, and suspecting that the owner is holding back on them, LB calls up his pal Kenneth "Flamesaw" Murphy to help them get some more information out of her. Kenny (as well as his minions, a quartet of Urban Brawl fans) arrive in short order, and they proceed to cause chaos and wreck up the place while the runners look over the footage and find that Mrs. Ribcrack seems to be quite pregnant.

Finding an open window that she squeezed through, the runners follow her trail to a nearby abandoned warehouse where they find a pair of beast spirits lounging outside who LB gets into a dispute with. Delphi proclaims herself a friend to cats and offers treats, stumbling inside in a drug-induced haze to find a crowd of cats have gathered, and is somewhat surprised to find her familiar and new kitten among them. The others manage to get inside as a fanfare of trumpets announces the arrival of Queen Elizabeth XXIII, who presents to the assembled crowd Mrs. Ribcrack and her new kittens; the runners look on in quiet bemusement as the kittens are given a royal christening by the cat queen.


Following the ceremony and copious consumption of catnip, the team are able to retrieve Mrs. Ribcrack and her new kittens to return to Madame Wickerbottom, who is overjoyed at their return and pays the runners their promised fee.


Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


I should probably stop showing up to gigs while high off my hoop one of these days, but if there was ever one for that then this was it - I'm still not sure how much of this job actually happened, but apparently my cats both have royal titles now so that's pretty cool. Also I gave karma to a free spirit and I think I'm like, one of her subjects? Plus I offered to foster one of Mrs. Ribcrack's kittens!


"I'm not at all sure I wasn't slipped some of Delphi or Spider's drugs. Cat's have a Queen now? Free Spirits are so bemusing. And alien. And... just and...".


I have no idea what kind of drugs I took there. I thought cats had a secret society??? Wow.