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Charlottes Web
Factions Involved


The Yakuza has taken Charlotte, an ex-bunraku blank slate who was rescued by Burn0ut. The Runners respond to the call of a friend in need, take out the Yakuza thugs, and rescue the girl.


5 years prior, Burn0ut helped to take down a bunraku parlor in New York. There, she rescued Charlotte, who was meant to be a personal doll for an upper Yakuza member. On losing the doll, Takeda Kokei, who had been a rising star in the Yakuza, was forced to shoulder the blame. He resented this for years, and when he was transferred to Seattle 5 years later, found the chance to take it out on the woman who caused him so much pain.

The Meet

Burn0ut came home from working on Twitch's car after the fallout from another run. She found a picture stuck to her door of her fleeing the scene 5 years prior with Charlotte, her house ransacked and Charlotte gone. She put out the call and several runners responded.

The Plan

Cryptech did a search on Yakuza operations and found that a new lieutenant moved from New York. Combined with the history provided by Burn0ut, this became a red flag. A call to Harvey Sanders gave them the name of the new Yak lieutenant, Takeda Kokei. Cryptech searched the name and they understood exactly what happened, including how he had to cut off a finger for the shame. He obviously has a grudge.

Dolos uses their spirit to Search for Charlotte. This gives them the location they need. Dolos places a call to Ashabel to spread out in the information networks that apprently, they were asking about someone who might pay for Burn0ut, so that the rest of their con will be believable.

The plan is to Wookie Prisoner it. Burn0ut will be disguised by Kost and Dolos, and then they will march her in. Crypt3ch will smuggle weapons in his cyberlimbs.

The Run

The runners get in as planned. Pack is on a nearby rooftop and is ready to rain fire down as necessary.

Kokei is pleased and quickly agrees to a price of 25,000 nuyen for Burn0ut. He is about to dismiss them and then kill Burn0ut when they leave. Kost convinces him that she has a personal grudge and wishes to stay. Unfortunately, Kokei is inside a ballistic glass case. Dolos attempts to control thoughts so that we will want to do it "up close and personal". The spell is a success, but one of the guards notices the subtle magic and calls out. Cryptech bricks the decker (and explodes his head with biofeedback) and the machine gun inside the ballistic glass case, getting rid of what was probably the worst threat. A battle ensues, with the runners heavily advantaged in terms of ability.

Kokei finally emerges, holding Charlotte as a hostage. However, a Yakuza grunt, with his thoughts controlled by Dolos, puts a round through the girl and into Kokei. He drops the hostage and Cryptech takes that moment to make a powerful shot, killing him thoroughly. The rest of the battle is wiped up quickly. Kost and Dolos work together to calm the girl down. Kost offers the girl a weapon and a chance for revenge, but Charlotte refuses, and Kost relents. After the girl has left, Kost puts an explosive round into each of the Yakuza's heads.


Pack no longer has a crush on Kost (too murdery). Burn0ut and Charlotte take temproary refuge with Kost. Burn0ut is forced to move. Charlotte is turned over to Solace for assisted care.


6,000 nuyen each 13 Karma 2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


It was cathartic, to have this opportunity. Like fighting for my own freedom again. Bunraku is perhaps the greatest evil I can think of that metahumanity is capable of.