Charon's New Groove

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Charon's New Groove
LocationBellevue, Yarrow Point
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved


Charon gets a doog. Bork!


Charon wanted a dog. No, that's it.

The Meet

Silas Vespasiano informs Charon there's someone in Seattle that owns a dog. A cerberus hound, to be specific. She's interested -- Herenight also wants an artifact that same person has and she should get it to pay back her debt to him.

The Plan

Charon calls some contacts and asks the Haven for decker help. Ibis picks up and offers to do some Matrix searches on the intel available, finding it to be a shadowrunner who retired some time ago. Going by the name of Arcade, he lives in the part of Bellevue oft inhabited by runners, retired or otherwise. Ibis cuts her interaction at that, however, taking payment for services rendered.

The Run

Charon calls Swerve and asks for help in getting a dog. Rather boldly, Charon just barges up to the man's door and asks to talk. He's a little disturbed that someone just found where he lives like that and she decides to vaguely warn him that someone's after his stuff. She only asks for the dog in exchange, but he doesn't really feel like talking to the vamp right outside of his door, offering to instead talk via DNI if she leaves and goes back to her car. So they do.

Charon argues that for forfeiting her job of retrieving whatever artifact he has, she's already shown her good will and that changes of heart like this don't come to runners often. He should show some appreciation, but naturally she already gave her bargaining chip up. She also offers a meager payment which is but a fraction of the cerberus hound's cost. The negotiation takes time, and while Arcade hates the fact that he got found out and has to bury himself somewhere far away to not get found again, he finally caves into Charon's social manipulation and agrees to a trade. His dog for her aid in helping him get the hell out of town.

The exchange happens further away and the two shake hands as Swerve watches from a distance. Charon is overjoyed at getting a dog, and really, who wouldn't be? Arcade leaves with whatever magic item he had -- we'll never know!


Charon gets a dog. Herenight's not pleased, but she doesn't care. She has a dog!



  • For Charon:
  1. Cerberus Hound (partially paid out of pocket)
  2. Animal Empathy
  3. 2 CDP
  • For Swerve:
  1. 5 karma
  2. 18 CDP
  • For Ibis:
  1. 10,000 Nuyen
  2. Common Sense (Or 6 CDP)
  3. 12 CDP

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Ibis - Where did all these vampires come from? Why are they all on the haven? I am left with far more questions than answers. Regardless, I was paid 10,000 nuyen to run a few matrix searches and look around for icons. Seemed like a decent enough trade off to me.

Charon: I finally got my dog, thank fuck. He's such a precious little boyo, oh yes he is!~♥ Arcade was a reasonable type given his circumstances, so I can't really blame him for his paranoia. This whole thing cost me a pretty penny, hiring aid and all that, but truth be told I'd do it again in a heartbeat if I had to. A good pet can do wonders for your mood.