Cobra: Uncoiling the Mind Part 4

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Cobra: Uncoiling the Mind Part 4
LocationBellevue, Seattle
Result Cobra unlocks the final pieces of her memories
Factions Involved
Cobra (Carrier Oriskany)


Cobra (Carrier Oriskany)'s final amnesia run


Cobra, awake at night unable to sleep, sent both a comcall and text to Ashe and Maddox to meet her at Fairfax mental hospital in Bellvue, thanks To Ashe's findings there was atleast one man left alive from her time in Raven that Cobra could go to for answers.


It was at around midnight and Cobra layed awake in her bed, trying not not succeeded in going to sleep, instead she spent the last half hour laying in bed, arms folded on her stomach, just staring at the ceiling of her high rise. She twisted and turned, constantly looking out of her bedroom window in the buzzing sprawl down below. She reached for her comlink with her tail as she started to give a call and text out to an Ashe who also wasn't sleeping and to an already asleep Maddox to meet her at the mental hospital in Bellevue tomorrow at 9 am.

Upon arriving they realize that visiting hours where not there yet, the team decided to wait it out at the nearby soy bucks, to catch Maddox up to speed of what was possibly going to go down. Throughout the endeavor the team noticed the various racist remarks and attitude the populace had with Cobra in public, and once the time struck noon they went back to the hospital to speak with the individual Cobra somehow knew.

They met with a rather stressed out middle aged man, stuck in a wheelchair it took a while for Cobra to get around to speaking with him as Maddox watched carefully on the astral. What transpired was hatred to Cobras direction as the individual blamed her for putting him in there. A few flashbacks happened involving when Cobra threw the man out of the window in her agonizing pain from SURGEing. After the conversation ended a medical drone entered the room to give medicine to the patient as the team went to leave.


After realizing what had finally happened, and knowing what she did in her pain and suffering from turning into a changeling, has decided to try and make ammends with her former coworker.



Cobra: "Log four......Ghost this was a wild ride huh Diana....I couldn't of done it without Ashe's help...And Maddox when we went to meet Antonio...On one hand I'm glad to know he was still alive but, to know I put him there after throwing him out a window....It just doesn't sit right with me. That final job, had I known better I'd of at least tried to talk the company out of it. I know it wasn't going to work but to realize that the job involved a blood mage and runners. There was nothing we could do, and when I started to bring Antonio to Seattle with the claim that we could start anew, that we had the cash that we didn't have to end up like them and we could still honor their lives...Only for us to turn into this thing, and in our pain and because of Shark's assumption threw Antonio out of our apartment window only to wake up days later not remembering anything. We gave up our spin rad trust fund Diana to save him, he's set for life to be taken care of but I know with our new life we can give him a new life, it's not going to be easy or cheep but, with enough funds we can settle the gene ware cost. I'm by no way shape or form going to be forgetting about you, after all your still apart of me but, these last few months without knowing about you, I've just been Cobra. Now I know this won't be easy, settling in like this, you've lost a lover and many friends Diana, but hopefully I can help make things right for both you and Antonio. For both of us. I hope I don't forget again because despite all the rough experiences we've been though together, frankly I don't want to forget. But just because I don't want to forget, doesn't mean I don't expect to have your weight pulled around from time to time. After all Diana, both me and you, are still the same person. Anyway, in case I somehow do forget, I'm Cobra, Diana Vergara.....And I hope that if your watching this again, that this will help you uncoil your mind much easier and quicker than it has taken me to find this out the first time. This is Cobra, Diana Vergara, signing off."

She smiled to the camera as she reached over to turn it off, the red light going dim as she took the data from the video card, and put it into a data chip, putting it in a known, safe location that even if was to forget, she was going to find.


So, the mystery was solved at last. Ashe was in the kitchen of her new apartment, preparing a celebratory dinner. She was mincing shrimp and pork to stuff the wontons that would go in the wonton soup, and there were the spring rolls to make. Ashe paused after stuffing the last dumpling to reflect on what happened. To think that the mild mannered noodle shop owner she'd grown to care about was a former HTR heavy, and that the world had taken so much from her before leaving her in Seattle with no memory. First her mother's death, than her mentor, Ms. Aratani, and then her team leader and lover, Julian. At least one member of her old team was still alive, even if he was hospitalized for the foreseeable future. Ashe hoped that being able to spend time with Antonio would help Cobra make peace with some of her newly regained memories. She seemed happier already. Ashe placed the wontons and noodles in the broth to cook before beginning preparations on the spring rolls. Ashe was glad she could be there to help Cobra close this chapter, and the conflict with Shark had made it all the more clear to Ashe that she wouldn't be able to delay making peace with her own mentor spirit much longer. Oracle had tried to assert her influence over Ashe's part in the investigation, and Ashe couldn't stand how that had hurt Cobra when she found out. Recent tidings in the shadows had presented fresh mysteries that Ashe would likely need answers to, and she would need Oracle as an ally. Ashe shook herself from her musings and finished the making the spring rolls. Ashe plated the last of them and began making tea, she heard her doorbell ring. She smiled warmly as she open the door to invite Cobra in.