Compliments to the Chef

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Compliments to the Chef
LocationDowntown, Seattle Metroplex.
Result Legwork completed, team dissolved due to disagreement
Factions Involved
Mr. Irons
Siren (PhotonSilencia)
Yellow Lotus Triad
Casualties and losses
The team's friendship


A Tir Prince has need of his favorite chef to cater his daughter's wedding. But Mr. Wilbur Frieg has taken an offer he can't refuse, on a visit to Seattle his family was kidnapped by the Yellow Lotus. Because Mr. Frieg has declined the prince's offer, he has made use of one of his regular Johnsons and a pair of leashed runners he often uses as security to organize an extraction. The time table is rather important for the Johnson, as the Icarus is having a 'grand reopening' at the end of the week that makes security increased, as well as increasing the 'trenchcoatyness' of the run.


The meet took place at Hotel Nikko, his security watched the runners while the team did the deal. He explained he needs an extraction of a chef for an event. Then once the negotiation occurred, agreeing to pay them 14k, 3.5k of which was given up front, he explained he needed Wilbur Frieg, the Sous Chef who works at Icarus Descending. He informed the PCs about the Triad affiliation of the owner of the Icarus, as well as his time table.


The meat of the run begins with couple knowledge skills to learn more about the Icarus, they then looked at the restaurant in the meat and astral, spotting barriers, watchers, plantlife and food supply companies.

SUM deep dives on Frieg, finds a video of him being transported from his current place of residence, the Shining Palace, a Triad operated hotel that has been pruned from MeFeed. =SUM tracks down the person who posted it and begins to befriend Foodfan3049, by increasing his P2.1 score through following him on MeFeed, securing the name of the hotel.

SUM encounters difficulty entering hosts due to the Haven's interpretation of the interactions between puppeteer and 'marks going up.' He was chosen for the job because the J prefers elves, and the job included public hosts, that of a restaurant and the hotel. From simple interactions with the agent in the host he is capable of finding the feasibility of getting reservations to take a look at the interior of the buildings, as well as seeing that there are data sprites in hosts run by Fong.

The team scouts out Shining Palace's in the meat and astral and determine that the best course of action is attacking in transit, but due to the fallout with Witchblade and poor fixer rolling the party does not have a vehicle and feel they will be unable to complete the job without one. The party returns 1.5k of their up front payment to the J in exchange for the legwork they have completed, as it will aid a replacement team in completing the job. As legwork at this point had taken less than half a day, this is something that is feasible.


2000 NY, 3 Karma for partial completion and survival for SUM, Siren and Vicar. Ryncewind tentatively gains 3 karma, but this may be amended.

Additional Notes

Around the the time that the party discovers the inclusion of the Shining Palace in the plot communications began to break down with Ryncewind, he has ideas about how to do legwork that the rest of the party disagrees. Due to this disagreement Ryncewind had an outburst, I politely asked him to not yell at my table, and that if he were to do so again I would remove him, he then dropped from the game.

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