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Result A serial killer got arrested
Knight Errant
Danny Boy
Night Claws
Soldier's Heart
Casualties and losses
2 days of their time His freedom


Local serial killer gets arrested. More news at 11


A serial killer was going around Seattle killing soldiers and their families, his only mistake was killing this detectives brother.

The Meet

The team meets up at a diner to find out that their johnson has lost all hope that the killer will be found. They negotiate their pay, and they claim an extra bonus for keeping the target alive.

The Plan

No plan, the entire run was legwork.

The Run

Danny sets out to con a military base into handing over classified documents about the killer, while NC compiles some sprites to search the matrix for info on the killer. Using the file they obtained, they continue their search in the matrix and the meet by going over the KE and military files on the killer, and using information from both to find clues. They find out the killer has an older partial cyber skull, and an Ares Predator III. NC finds a serial number on one of the killers guns, then starts searching for that.

After one final giant search, they conclude that the best way to find the guy is to find his source of ammo. Danny sets out to ask an Ares gun shop about the gun, and convinces the owner to hand over anyone who matched the description.

They get the killers SIN and address off a background check the killer had ran from buying ammo recently. The team alerts a Johnson, who gets a warrant to raid his house and take him to jail.


The killer was arrested, KE looks good in the media, and the runners get paid.


6,000 nuyen

3 karma

+4 KE rep

+1 Streets of seattle rep

+1 Street cred

Player After Action Reports (AARs)