Night Claws - John Holis

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Night Claws- John Holis (RETIRED)
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
Titles and Awards0
FolderNight Claws- John Holis[2]
Metatype - D
Attributes -B
Magic/Resonance - A
Skills - C
Resources - E

Character Information


Despite the fact that he lives where no normal person would live, he tries to make the best out of every new day. He might have messy hair and worn clothes but he has a remarkable smirk on his face and faces the evils of the Sixth World with a Smile on his face, well aware of his capabilities. His livestlye made him slim and he looks emaciated but in contradiction to that is his face and his everlasting smile as if he tries to prove the world that no matter how hard it hits, he will get back up and fight untill he can settle down in his own house.


Earn money to get off of the Streets and find and help his father.


John´s parents tried to make his life as comfortable as possible despite their own problems. He learned from his father that a smile in the face of danger and overwhelming problems can be the most sturdy pillar of ones sanity and is always helpful. At the age of 12 he lost mother to a misunderstanding with Knight Errant Cops who where searching for a suspect. His mother got killed just a few meers next to him by a Cop using an Ares Predator, since that day he has a deep rooted fear for these gun. His father began to drift down the slope of BTL abuse and John didnt saw his father smile once after his mother died. Practically on his own he ventured out and became aware of his special talent has he wandered down one of Seatlle´s many buisnes streets. He quickly learned what it meant to be a Technomancer has ge got beaten up several times by people who discovered his secret. But that didnt stopped him from venturing out into the Matrix and he recognised that he had a deeper connection to the Resonance than others of his kind. Nowadays he lives from day to day, begging for food or hacking vending machines to aquire food and water. From time to time he accepts Runner jobs in hope to gather enough money to get off the streets, to forget all the cruelty and to move on into a brighter future.

Narrative Significant Qualities

Stream: Technoshaman. He has a Level 7 Fault Sprite as his Sprite Pet.

Instinctive Hack: before initiative is rolled he is allowed one of the folling actions: Matrix Perception,Data Spike, Hack on the Fly or Brute Force. if he is surprised this quality does not work

Common Moderate Phobia: Ares Predator V

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
It Belongs in a Museum 3.5: A Brief InterludeChrisst111The Cutter's Curator20 August 2081
A Walk in the WoodsPillareString Theocracy16 July 2081
Scare PackageOB11 June 2081
The Battle of SolaceDarklordiablo
Project Insight14 May 2081
Dainty Delicate DigitsDoom27 April 2081
Where's The Kaboom?Teksura24 April 2081
Operation IcefangDoomNightmare Mode12 April 2081
Higher Educationtkul21 March 2081
Fantastic Space Marines and Where to Find ThemTeksura19 March 2081
The Rowland CaseJigurdProject Red Dragoon14 March 2081
Competitive IntelligencetkulKiller A.P.P.8 March 2081
A Portal Opened Up in My Mansion, so I Hired Some Shadow Runners to Deal with the Demon that is Causing this Massive Problem in My Life!DocMcGuffinAdversaries17 February 2081
Carmilla's DebutanteDoomCoronation16 February 2081
One Second to MidnightDarklordiablo5 February 2081
Filling CoffersDoomCoronation31 January 2081
A Templar's PleaKaigen8718 January 2081
The Worm In The AppleAuroraDeus Machina13 January 2081
Bad BloodDoomCoronation10 January 2081
Free cruise for you and your friends; a Christmas vacation for runnersDocMcGuffin22 December 2080
A Special Packagedanthestep20 November 2080
Rush Bmudge18 November 2080
A prequel to multiple Shadowruns based on Flags and Concrete by Larry and His FlaskDrBurst16 November 2080
Cabinet Man (Run)Purkinje15 November 2080
Nothing Is Set In PapermudgeThe Hidden Side Of The Rich And Famous14 November 2080
Matte KudasaiPurkinjeCrouching Dragon, Hidden Tiger10 November 2080
A Shadowrun Based on Bullshit by Rise Against, Part 2DrBurst20 October 2080
In the Court of the Crimson KingPurkinjeCrouching Dragon, Hidden Tiger10 October 2080
Location, Location, LocationMalycAgainst all odds - The OtherCon story9 October 2080
Hast Thou Considered the Tetrapod?PurkinjeCrouching Dragon, Hidden Tiger6 October 2080
Mirage IslandPurkinjeCrouching Dragon, Hidden Tiger3 October 2080
The Phantom of the BrothelPurkinje21 September 2080
Ctrl+Alt+Delmudge17 September 2080











Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Katherine Curran 6 1 Fixer Fixer Talismonger, Reagents, Foci, Assensing, Fencing, Hermetic Mage, Formulas Even
Eli Johnson 2 3 Custom(N,K,A,G) Soup Kitchen Owner Spark, Community Activist, Man of the People Even
Cabinet Man 2 3 Gear Business Owner Entombed, Living Fossil, Decker, Old School, Jury Rigger, Swarm Rigger, Tech Vendor Even


Contact Position Connection Faction Rep Archetype Health Location
NCL School for the Gifted Co-founder/Teacher 1 33 Technomancer School Maintaining Redmond Barrens, close to Touristville

+1 MCT

+3 Ex NeoNet

+4 KE

+1 Streets of Seattle

+2 Children in Red

+2 Patriots First Bank


His level 8 Pet Sprite


In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Shadow Community Table

His Street Cred is currently 15 not what it say in my pdf!


Justin Time R4 SIN


Slim and emaciated, yet smiling most of the time.


Some Worn out clothes, his only clothes of value are his Armor Jacket a Helmet and a non-brand Suit he stole a while ago.

Matrix Persona

His Living Persona appears as a human covered in black coating and constantly surrounded by a black shroud. underneath the hood two red eyes stare and Attacks appear as strikes of a silver Claw. His marks appear as small localised black cloud of shroud.


Media Mentions

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