The Hidden Side Of The Rich And Famous

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This metaplot deals with the bizarre and dangerous requests from Patriots First Bank Double Black Diamond account holders. Double Black Diamond (DBD) is an exclusive, invite only, account type reserved for big name celebrities, powerful politicians, and large business owners (A rated or above).

Please read the faction page for more details about this.

GMs take note:' These runs should offer primarily nuyen, with only a couple points allocated for street cred, karma, etc.

Factions Involved

Patriots First Bank

PFB offers shadowrunner services to its top level account holders, any job they offer pays huge (Remember GMs, read the reward guidelines), and they expect nothing but perfection and discretion from the runners they hire.


  • Keep their account holders happy
  • Ensure their own continued existence
  • Ensure hired runners do not cause problems for either themselves or their clients


CGL Canon


Haven Canon



Nothing Is Set In Papermudge14 November 2080


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