Nothing Is Set In Paper

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Nothing Is Set In Paper
Part of The Hidden Side Of The Rich And Famous
LocationTacoma, UCAS
Night Claws - John Holis
Trash Panda
Amore Bank
Casualties and losses
None A piece of paper


The team successfully extracted the required document.


An unknown person wanted a specific land deed from before the crash, so they called up their exclusive liaison at Patriots First Bank to arrange a runner team to extract it. The Banker got a hold of 3 runners.

The Meet

The Banker met up with the team at a Patriots First branch to discuss the details. The client wanted a very specific land deed that was only on paper from before the crash. Banker offered 24k, and 5 days to do the job.

The Plan

Night Claws stayed on the street to provide matrix support, while Trash Panda and Kani grapple gunned through a window and up to the vault floor. After retrieving the document, they would fly out on wingsuits.

The Run

The plan started well, after entering the vault, spirits and security forces showed up. They tore through the files while fending off spirits, and then they jumped out of the window and popped Improved Invisibility to fend off the following drones.


The bank lost a relatively worthless document.


24,000 nuyen 3 karma +2 faction rep Patriots First Bank

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Trash Panda

Eva made it home with a huge smile on her face. She started taking her gear off and stashed it in the broken dishwasher, giving Melanie a smile as she prepares dinner.

"You gotta hear about this! I got to heist an actual bank today! And we escaped by jumping from the window and using this cool wingsuit! So awesome."

Eva plopped onto the couch and recounted the whole story, talking about the awesome ride on the grapple gun and breaking into the safe with enthusiasm.

"And, well, I may have offered to teach Kani a little about defending herself on the astral. It'll be fine, she's not as dangerous as I thought. I hope."